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Understanding Organizational Behavior in Criminal Justice Agency

Nowadays the role of human factor in the ensuring of companies’ or organizations’ effective functioning has increased in the whole world. That is why the development of disciplines connected with the investigation problems of management human resources is quite an acute thing right now.

Organizational behavior is some kind of inquiry of people and groups in a certain organization. It helps manager to make effective decisions while working with people in complicated dynamically developed atmosphere.

And it won’t be a secret for anybody that organizational behavior is very important in criminal justice agency. The certain environment and everyday communication, partially routine work influence people working in the agency: “customer-driven and market-driven organizations”. Every person wishes to work in the friendly environment, which increase effectiveness and productivity.

The most conceptions on which organizational behavior is based on are interdisciplinary approach, scientific management approach, human resources (supportive) approach, contingency approach, system approach. It will not be a secret to learn that the main task of a manger is to upraise the effectiveness of an agency with the help of a certain strategy using already developed behavior and situational theories.

Management conception based on the human resources (supportive) approach is regarded as the way of providing execution phase with the help of the other people, according to which the increasing of labor effectiveness is mainly provided according to the changing of relations between workers and managers, than according to the growth of wages. Investigations in this field showed that changing of a personal attitude to people may give  a certain push to the increasing of effectiveness.

On the other side management approach based on scientific investigations on the behavior shows us that the effectiveness of a certain organization (in our case criminal justice agency) is directly depended on the effectiveness of its human resources. The components are: social interaction, motivation, leadership, and authority also organizational and communicative systems, work substantiveness and life quality.

As we see the main factors that can influence the work of criminal justice agency are connected with the inner and outer atmosphere of the people working there. The whole inner structure of organization and social influence connected with professional specification could influence the organizational behavior in different ways. That is way the main task of the manager will be summarize all the elements that are  influencing positively or negatively on the effectiveness of agency and  create some kind of strategy that will bring the organization to the effective productivity and create among the staff good working atmosphere and high level of cooperation with the managers and functional figures.

To make the conclusion I would like to say that individuality of every person could influence the whole working process in the agency and any stress situation in different ways. That means the question of human resource will be the key factor in the productivity and effectiveness of any kind of organization.


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