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The Nonsence American Silly Laws

The United States of America are famous for their silly laws all over the world. Actually every state of the country has a number of nonsense rules, written to be executed by the citizens. But what citizens are thinking about it. How do they feel about some silly warnings and officials stupid laws.

Actually Americans are known as quite disciplined and lawful people. They do proud of their country and esteem legislation but when it comes to the silly laws the situation is changing nearly at 180 degrees. In the internet chatting over the new stupid laws has become some kind of hobby.  There is a group of people who is collecting silly laws and have personal web page where they post new “pearls” of officials according to the state, where they were produced. As they have written on the banner of the web page: “We are always on the lookout for new laws that make you laugh because of their sheer absurdity”(DumbNetwork, main page). In fact they have  collected not only American laws but International as well. But the statistics show us that the United States of America is an eminent producer of silly laws. Despite those people for whom it is a hobby, there exist a number of Americans who just laugh at this nonsense. The do understand the absurdness of such laws and have already come to conclusion that they can do nothing with the situation just to take it easy with laugh and jokes.It happens and they just do not pay much attention to the fact of its existence.

I do not actually know whether there are people who strongly believe to all these silly laws and execute them thoroughly. Probably there are some people who strongly believe that: “11.04.030 Sleeping in vehicles – Prohibited in public places. No person shall sleep in any automobile or other vehicle parked on any sidewalk, street, alley, or other public place, including any approved private street or right-of-way, within the corporate limits of the city.(Ord. 15  1 (part), 1982)” (DumbNetwork, 202). Many people think that these laws were written to make  the situation better, but in the end we receive a number of text that is looking like some kind of mockery.

It is very interesting to note the fact that all these laws are sometimes very contradictory and can complicate the life of average statistical American. But in fact all these laws are conventionalities. It doesn’t matter do you sleep in your vehicle in public place or not. It should be treated easily with humor and understood like light misunderstanding, which can sometimes entertain and make you laugh. In fact we see that people treat such laws in different ways. And what is the most positive sign that the major part is taking them humorously. That is the first feature of healthy nation.

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