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Sociological Imagination Excersise

Sociological imagination is widespread term in social ranges. I want to explain this term meaning before my paper writing. Under the notion “sociological imagination” I understand facility or ability to examine society in the certain point of view. This ability includes five components: 1) to examine all social phenomena as a result of activity of social agents, individuals or groups and identify these agents; 2) to understand hidden after the surface of the phenomena structural and cultural resources and limitations, influencing on social life, including those possibilities which are present at disposal of agents. (Explaining this topic I want to add that this ability help us to recognize an invisible social structure, to require patient forming of sociological look on society.) 3) to study preceding tradition, living legacy of the past and its permanent influence on present life; 4)  to perceive public life in its dynamics becoming changeable; 5) confession of enormous variety and variants of display public life forms.  I think that we can determine one of the main tasks of sociological education as follows: Liberation (cognition) by means of expansion of scopes of the human world, penetration in the internal world of other people and comparing to the world of other people and other cultures is not unique aspect of sociological imagination: However all of it makes its considerable part, as a part of human life. In the previous information I set a priorities of social imagination understanding and now I want to exercise my sociological imagination by placing own family experience in its larger socio-historical context. First of all I will write a brief description of my family and than I will connect social changes that have taken place and discuss their impact on my family.

Let’s begin social imagination exercise from a brief description of my family. I am 26 years old person and I have a large family. I grew up in a large family from Colombia and have a lot of aunts, cousins and other relatives. Also I have two brothers and I love them very much. From early childhood I want to have an own family and I imagined that my family will be as friendly as I grew up in. Remembering my life I can emphasize that I have been married since I was 18 years old and now I have a little son. Frankly speaking I like children and to have a son it was my dream. My son is 3 years old and he is a very smart child. If to be short I can say that my family is friendly and I fell that my relatives will help me in all life situations. Defining my family I can say that I understand it as social group, possessing historically certain organization, the members of which are constrained marriage or family relations (and also by relations on taking care of children and educating them), community of way of life, mutual moral responsibility, and the social necessity of which is conditioned the requirement of society in physical and spiritual reproduction of population. All my relatives constitute my family personally for me, because we are in close relations from my birth. I can say that my parents respect their parents and it is a tradition or may be social norm to respect each other in our family. After son birth my attitude to the family relations little bit changes and now my child took the leading role in my mind. I don’t want to say that it is good or bad but it is life, because a little child needs more attention than other members of the family and you feel a great responsibility for your baby.

I want to say all of us are family experts, and don’t surprising please, because we have lived in families, observed own family dynamics, and compared our own family experiences with those of others. For a long time families have been at the center of our attention and I can even say of our personal and emotional lives. My own life experience shows me social roles of all members of family and I think that in my family there was right division of family roles. In consideration of historical contexts and in a time of progressive social change I understand that family priorities were changed and it influenced on the understanding of contemporary family life. I want to pay attention, for example, on economic changes that stimulate to change woman’s role to be also responsible for family prosperity future. This view of my personal life understanding and society in a whole is the essence of sociological imagination for me. In my case the sociological imagination is the ability to see own private experiences and personal difficulties as connected with the structural conditions of our society and the times in which we live. The sociological imagination in relate to my family helps me develop an understanding of individual family experience to the social norms and rules.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned I want to conclude that my family structure and family rules formed my character and I can say that people’s family structures formed them is in place before we come into the world and has influenced generations before us. From my early childhood I desire personal respect and I received it in my family.  I want to ask my son to be patient to the opinion of other people in his future life and teach him to respect all people around him. The sociological imagination requires me to engage in the study of my personal experience; but to place my biography in the larger context of the history and tradition of the society in which I live today. By acknowledging the interaction between history (I also mean historical environment) and biography we can see how personal troubles and social issues, rules and norms are connected. As for me social imagination is that thing which is able to help to realize many things and events, that before were not clear and understand own family structure and how different situation impact exactly on your own life.

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