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Organizational Structure Essay

How does the structure create an environment of support for client centered care?

The organizational structure plays an important role in the creation of a positive environment which supports the client centered care. In actuality, the use of parallel organizational structure allows to optimize the organizational performance and provide clients with health care services of the top quality. The formation of a positive environment is based on the maintenance of the high quality of services because professionals focus on their specific tasks and functions, which they perform in the organization. At this point, the division of health care and functional departments is very important because it allows concentrating efforts of health care professionals on health care services without wasting their time and efforts on functional problems, while the functional department focuses on the maintenance of the organization and its facilities. In such a situation, the organization functions efficiently without any complications caused by malfunctioning of certain organizational elements.

Discuss the use of information systems, communication methods and decision making ability with culture and organizational structure of the agency.

The use of information systems facilitates the functioning of the organization consistently because it increases the effectiveness of work of professionals employed within the organization. In actuality, information system allows health care professionals and managers to store and process information fast and accurately. As a result, the organization functions stably, although there is a risk of information breaches, which is normally prevented through the information system used by the organization. At the same time, the organization needs the communication and often the agency uses audio-visual means of communication, especially when professionals need to coordinate their actions, while the time they can spend on communication is limited. As a result, in serious cases when patients need urgent medical aid, the use of modern means of telecommunication allows health care professionals to obtain the extensive information about the patient, his or her health and health problems. At the same time, the efficient communication closes gaps between health care professionals and different departments of the organization. In fact, professionals can communicate with each other and the decision making process is based on the communicating and discussion of current issues. Thus, discussions and communication allow elaborating the most efficient decision which chosen from several alternative which naturally arise in the course of discussion. In such a way, the organization has shaped a democratic communication style, which professional has a right and opportunity to make his or her own suggestions and recommendations.

Discuss the various lines of communication and reporting

It is possible to single out various lines of communication and reporting. Basically, these lines can be divided into vertical and horizontal. What is meant here is the fact that vertical communication and reporting is the communication and reporting which ascends from employees to managers or vice versa descends from managers to subordinates. In such a way, the information is circulated within the organization. On the other hand, there is horizontal communication and reporting which occurs between different departments and professionals who work in different departments or units and occupy the similar position in the organizational hierarchy. The combination of the vertical and horizontal communication maximizes its efficiency.

Identify what are the formal and informal reporting lines and look at issues of power and control. 

The formal reporting line refers to the communication between managers and subordinates and issues related to the provision of health care services, while information reporting lines mainly refer to the communication between health care professionals in the course of the elaboration of a decision, i.e. in the course of the decision making process. As soon as the decision is taken the formal reporting lines are at work and the formal decision is implemented. Due to the formal communication line it is possible to maintain the high level of responsibility of health care professionals since this line is a form of control over their work.

How are the social and cultural influences of your community integrated into the delivery of care in your organization?

Cultural and social influences influence health care services because health care professionals have to learn cultural and social background of patients and provide services respectively to cultural traditions of patients. At the same time, the community assists the organization in the maintenance of health care services within the community, while the organization employs volunteers from the community to assist health care professionals.

How do generational differences influence the organizational culture of the workplace?

Generational differences raise certain communication gaps within the organization, but these gaps are bridged via the cooperation between representatives of different generations.

Discussions, summary and conclusions section, what did you learn?

Thus, organizational structure is very important today and it is necessary to understand the functioning of organizational structure helps to improve the organizational performance consistently.


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