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Critic Review of the North Country Movie

The main theme of the film, to my mind, are relations between men and women. And what is the most interesting, that these film shows us non-traditional view, mostly romanticized and telling the story with happy ending. Still it tells us about the problemacy of relations between men and women especially when it  comes to working etiquette. I think that almost every woman happened to meet with rudeness, misunderstanding, impoliteness working with men. Especially it comes out when the work is hard and not just sitting in an office.

Josie Aimes (Charlize Theron) has escaped from the big city (the real story as well as the film story happened in the United States of America  and in beginning of the 90-s of the 20th century) with two her children after the divorce with the husband who has beaten her. She arrived to he parents who live somewhere in the North of Minnesota. The only work there for men as well as for women is mining. The whole picture is dull grey as well as the life of young lady with two children alone. The inner plot shows us the assize, so the watcher sees the picture of Josie’s past. The difficulties, she has met, disrespect and rude attitude of the whole male community. She was not the one and only woman there, but the women she worked with were the ones who accepted the situation as it was and did not even try to a thing with what was happening. The situation took part at 1989, and based on the real facts.

During the film we learn what difficulties had to meet Josie in he willingness to obtain justice. She wanted just to work and earn for her two children but not to become the object of sexual harassment. And she wanted just adequate attitude but not the excuses like : “the men are working hard”, “go to work and just forget about that”.

It turned to be impossible to find any support among the leaders of the company as well as in the staff of the mine. That is why she turned to court and won the first process turned on the sexual harassment and wrote in such a way in history not only of the United States of America but of the whole world. She was encouraged by her old friend Glory and few women from the mine. They started to change up the whole system and influenced the society opinion. I think that this story could be called the breakthrough in search of equality of human rights despite the race, gender and skin colour. Gender problemacy is raised in almost every country and for the United States it is still unsolved

I think that this film shows us one of the most burning problems nowadays – discrimination. The problem is not new and has been acute for several centuries and in the end of the 20th century it comes to the female discrimination, in particular sexual harassment. There exist many organizations all over the world that are struggling for the rights of women and helping them to obtain justice. I describe the situation nowadays.

But in the end of the 80-s and the beginning of the 90-s just few people were concerned about the human rights especially when it turned to women and Josie Aimes is the bright example, that illustrates the picture.

I think that such films could be undoubtedly called demonstrative as they show us the barefaced truth, which is mostly not very pleasant.

The colors, the images of the main heroes and the nature all around, the mine itself and the whole atmosphere characterize  the situation perfectly. The director masterfully showed the atmosphere of despair that is surrounding women on mine, rude and offensive language and jokes and hard work which is positioning as an excuse and fear of so called male power. Charlize Theron is showed as a general American mother of two children among the same women, who are in the same situation with her. I would never like to wish anyone to appear in such a situation, when you are trying to nock into the closed doors and have just no answer, but this answer is one of the most important things in the world.

“”North Country” is one of those movies that stir you up and make you mad, because it dramatizes practices you’ve heard about but never really visualized. We remember that Frances McDormand played a woman police officer in this same area in “Fargo,” and we value that memory, because it provides a foundation for Josey Aimes. McDormand’s role in this movie is different and much sadder, but brings the same pluck and common sense to the screen. Put these two women together (as actors and characters) and they can accomplish just about anything. Watching them do it is a great movie experience” (Ebert, 2005)


Roger Ebert, (2005), North Country Review at  http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20051020/REVIEWS/51005002/1023  published  21st of October,  taken at  08.07.2009 17:08

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