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Homosexuals Should Not Be Parents Essay

In our world of sexual revolution, where in civilized democratic world everyone has a right to choose religion, way of life and sexual orientation, one of the sharpest question is: “Could homosexual couples adopt children or not?” The problem is very serious as homosexuals are struggling not only for their rights and marriage ability, but also for permission of children’s adoption.

The question of adoption by homosexual couples and how it could influence the child has been studied for more than 30 years by American scientist Dr. Paul Cameron: “Dr. Cameron, Chairman of the Family Research Institute, a Colorado Springs think-tank, noted that the review documented that gays’ children were also:

  1. more apt to report sexual confusion;
  2. more apt to be socially disturbed;
  3. more apt to abuse substances;
  4. less apt to get married;
  5. more apt to have difficulty in attachment and loving relationships; and
  6. more apt to have emotional difficulties. (Christian News Wire, 2009).

The practice shows that gay couples in particular infringed human rights and children’s rights too. The situation happened in summer this year, which drew attention of American society, which is the most tolerant, when it goes about attitude to homosexual families. It was reported by Christian News Wire and discussed  on different forums  devoted to protection children’s rights and human rights as well. The situation happened in gay family of Frank Lombard, where lived 5-year old adopted African-American child: “The Arrest Warrant documents that Lombard sodomized one of his two adopted African-American sons and made the boy give him oral sex on-line. He offered other gays the same opportunity. Although the boy was drugged, “it is likely he developed interest in gay sex through these activities,” said Dr. Paul Cameron, an expert in gay fostering/gay adoption and author of the latest review” (Christian News Wire, 2009). The child was forced to homosexual relationship by his father. The question is very serious and the aspects of health and morality of a singles child and of the whole society are raised. I am certain that it is not the single situation in such families and it constitutes a menace to the mental health of children adopted in such families. The state and the government should regulate and give more attention to such problems as it often happens in contemporary society.

In fact not only Americans are involved in the happened situation and the struggle for so called “absolutely normal” homosexual families is lasting for many years. Gay and Lesbian leaders appeal to the fact that heterosexual families are not better than homosexual as the cases of human rights violation and inhuman treatment to children is quite a typical case in heterosexual families. That is why the question is raised: why shouldn’t children brought up with homosexual parents as there exists a chance to meet worse attitude in heterosexual family? The answer is essential – the majority of specialists find gay and lesbian families artificial and not essential. That may cause certain problems in psychological perception of child: “Mario Conti says that same-sex relationships are “far from society’s norm” and growing up with same-sex parents could make the normal pressures of growing up “far greater”. “Any child growing up with two mothers or two fathers will unwittingly enter a social and psychological minefield entirely of their guardians’ making,” he says” (Naysmith, 2002). Mario Conti is Archbishop of Glasgow and he criticized homosexual families for seeking rights for the children either from previous marriages or adopted. He calls it “selfish desires of adults” in interview to Sunday Herald, where was discussed the two cases relating homosexual families: “… two prominent cases relating to gay parents were settled in court: one in Edinburgh in which a sheriff granted parental rights to a lesbian couple in regards to children they had from previous relationships, and another in Glasgow where a biological father was granted rights against the wishes of the child’s lesbian mother”(Naysmith, 2002). Conti criticized homosexual wishes to become parents as he thinks that children are rather like toys for them. He insists on the fact that psychological component in childish behaviour would be far from the norms of ethics and morality. But Tim Hopkins, the spokesman for the Lesbian and Gay Equality Network, completely disagree to Conti and says that his attitude is mainly based on prejudice and are disappointing as for the leader: “I would like to hear Mario Conti speaking out about poor parents who beat and abuse their children, whether married or unmarried, heterosexual or homosexual. They are the problem in Scotland, not loving parents who should be supported to do a good job bringing up children” (Naysmith, 2002). What is pleasant about this case, the fact that Tim Hopkins understands that abuse situations are happening not only in heterosexual families. But unfortunately he also does not want to understand the fact that the atmosphere in homosexual families is not healthy for children from the psychological point of view.

There have been numerous studies devoted to the problem of gay and lesbian families and how they differ from heterosexual. The answer could not be definite. Contemporary society does not have definite attitude to homosexuality. Some people consider gays and lesbians to be mentally ill. There is no actual evidence to this fact. But the undeniable fact is that homosexual families rarely last longer than heterosexual. How could the child feel if his parent will change partners every month or even every year? I actually do not feel something against homosexual families but my personal attitude to brining up children in these families is straightly negative. I am actually thinking about the healthy society, without ill stereotypes. Probably it will not look as progressive as look like the point of view of contemporary homosexual defensemen. But we should not forget about the history. The family traditions have been kept for centuries and they could not be changed at once.

The society also should not forget about the future problems that children will meet when they will grow up and enter school. At a certain age children wish to be like all others and that may cause serious psychological problems and serious damage to the mental attitude of a children to the surrounding world and people.

It has always been a tradition that heterosexuals dominated the homosexuals. In the 18-19th centuries there were big families with many children. Now it is not acute. The humanity struggles for the human rights, for the rights of gays, but still many of them has forgotten about children and their rights.

“Myth: Children need a mother and a father to have proper male and female role models. Fact: Children without homes have neither a mother nor a father as role models. And children get their role models from many places besides their parents. These include grandparents, aunts and uncles, teachers, friends, and neighbors. In a case-by-case evaluation, trained professionals can ensure that the child to be adopted or placed in foster care is moving into an environment with adequate role models of all types” (American Civil Liberties Union, 1999).  My personal opinion to this statement is that it shows only one side of the story. It is wonderful when homeless children find parents. But what about their future? How does little boy or girl will feel himself  when he/she grow up a little and see that his family is not like the others. Or the situation with 5 year old African-American boy adopted by Gay parents and made to give oral sex to his father?

Our society is not ready for such an experiment I think. The  hundreds of years we developed moral values and I do now want to insist on the fact that homosexuals  must not have the same rights. But children also have the same rights for normal family and healthy psychic. I just wonder, why do not gay and lesbian parents do not think about the fact how their child would communicate with the society in future, especially when a teenager? Sometimes, I do think, that homosexuals are not thinking about future and live just by present day wishes. It seems that the major part do not understand that a baby is a human being already. And even in very small age have certain wishes and rights. Civil rights.


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