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Are There Heroes in America Today?

Our time gives a lot of opportunities. People nowadays have chances to fulfill something great and get fame and recognition. Unfortunately it seems that the time of heroes is in the past. Our history had a lot of real heroes.  These people influenced entire country and made other people think about them like about heroes of the country. Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King,  Madonna, Michael Jackson and many others. All these people were different but they all contributed to the history, culture and social development of the country. Outstanding people from the past became real icons for many people. These outstanding personalities showed patterns of behavior and personality traits which made other people to be willing to follow them. I believe that in our epoch it is hard to find heroes like those personalities from the past. Of course there are people who are popular nowadays. These people are often mentioned in mass media and other people also try to copy them.  It may seem that national heroes are still alive, but if we try to analyze the present state of events we will find a significant difference. People who were popular in the past did not strive for popularity. They were really dedicated to things they did in life and since they were real professionals and bright personalities other people really appreciated their efforts.  Politicians, scientists, musicians and other influential personalities of the past centered on their occupation. Their primary goal was doing things they liked. Other people could see their dedication and gladly followed their ideas. At the present moment popular people are rather interested in their status than in the things they do. Motivation has changed and now people want to be popular rather than share their ideas and experience with the world. At the present moment popular personalities seek for money and recognition. They choose things which would be attractive to the wide public and this way become popular. People who may be called “heroes” of our time follow the needs of the society. In contrast to heroes of the past, who leaded people to their ideas, contemporary “heroes” follow public opinion and do their best to meet the requirements of the contemporary society. Such a position may be beneficial to certain degree. Contemporary heroes become popular because they know what other people want from them and they give it to the public. Moreover, they may become rich because they meet social demands and their projects and ideas are developed in order to bring commercial success. Unfortunately, such an approach brings short-term results. People who are oriented on quick popularity and financial success seldom think about ideas which stand behind their actions and creations. When money and fame become the main sources of motivation the results turn to be short-living and primitive. Our contemporary “heroes” do not take risks to create anything new and controversial. They use popular commercial schemes which guarantee quick success and profit. They pursue their personal goals and they become rather successful bringing them to life. Unfortunately such an approach does not bring new input to the cultural, social, political or religious development of the country. It brings only money to people who replace the heroes from the past.

We can talk a lot about cultural development and technical progress, but if we frankly estimate the situation we will see that in our time there are no people who can be compared with outstanding personalities from the past. Our country grows and develops but accent on material culture had negative impact on human personality and we can not meet real heroes now.

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