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Compare and Contrast Mexico and United States Essay

Mexico and the US are neighbor countries, which have a long history of international relations. Remarkably, the US and Mexico were historically viewed as rivals in the Caribbean region, but, in the 20th century, the US supremacy became obvious. The US supremacy has changed the relationship between countries consistently to the extent that the US became the Promised Land for many Mexicans, who immigrated to the US legally and illegally in search of a better life and job opportunities. Nevertheless, the migration of the Mexican population to the US has never eliminated significant differences between Mexico and the US that persist till present days.

On comparing Mexico and the US, it is possible to speak about differences which persist throughout the history of the development of these countries. First of all, Mexico and the US have different religious life since the US, being a democratic country, was and still is traditionally loyal to representatives of different religious movement. Nevertheless, the US, being inhabitant mainly by colonists from Great Britain and some other European countries, has strong Presbyterian traditions. In stark contrast, Mexico, being inhabited mainly by Spanish colonists, has strong Catholic traditions. In such a way, the religious life of Mexicans and Americans is different, while, in the late 20th century, Americans tend to be atheist, while Mexicans still remain Catholics, while atheism is not widely spread in Mexico. In fact, religion is an essential part of Mexican culture, while American culture mainly deals with democratic values than with religious ones.

The most striking difference between the US and Mexico may be found in the level of economic development of countries. On the one hand, the US is one of the most powerful countries and one of the leading economies in the world, while, on the other hand, Mexico still stumbles and its economic development is consistently underdeveloped compared to the US. Nevertheless, the physical position of Mexico stimulated the growing cooperation between countries, which brings mutual benefits to Americans and Mexicans. At the same time, some specialists (Bill, 2005) warn that the economic cooperation between the US and Mexico is more beneficial to the US rather than to Mexico, although the immigration of Mexicans to the US raises the problem of oversaturation of the local labor market.

Along with cultural and economic differences between the US and Mexico, it is possible to single out the difference in political and social life. In fact, the US is a democratic country, where democracy defined the development of the country and local culture. In contrast, Mexico was always inclined to dictatorships, while its democratic traditions are relatively new and the level of corruption and violation of human rights in Mexico differ this country consistently from the US, which is often viewed as a model of a truly democratic country.

Thus, taking into account all above mentioned, it is possible to conclude that Mexico and the US are very different countries. In spite of the fact that they are neighbor countries, they still have a different culture, economic development, political traditions.


Bill, A. H. (2005). Rehearsal for Conflict. New York: New Publishers.

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