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Anna and the King Essay

In today’s world sophisticated tastes of contemporary audience make the directors and producers of contemporary movies to find different management solutions to make the film more popular. The film “Anna and the King” was made in such a way that the major part of audience liked the film, despite the fact it has not received any “Oscar” premium.

At the heart of the plot lies the true story of the school teacher who came to the exotic country Siam to teach the children of King Mongkut or Rama IV. The story took place in the 19th century, when Siam (present day Thailand) was undergoing many reforms and becoming civilized country. The King wanted Anna Leonowens to teach his 58 children English language. She was the one who probably changed the attitude of South Eastern Asians to women. She was respected and actually was a good friend for the children of the King Mongkut. As any film of such origin it was ended with a love story between the widowed teacher and the King of Siam, but the morality of that days and the law of the country di not gave them chance to stay together  and she left the country fore England. And when returned she wrote a book about her life in Siam.

The movie “Anna and the King” is quite a typical love story. And it goes without saying that the major part of target group will be women as they usually like such stories about endless but unhappy love and inability to be together. What will be interesting for the others if we do not take into account plot and actors – probably decorations. And in this aspect “Anna and the King” would impress the imagination of the audience with great variety an wonderful reflection of the areas and life at court of Rama IV. The movie was nominated on “Oscar” premium. The critics usually call it beautifully animated long lasting movie. And In some moments the movie is really long lasting and you start to bore. But the director suggested the parallel line of the plot with one of the wives of the king and surely, the brave woman (played by Jodie Foster) helped the king to safe his wives and children attempt of the King’d brother to invade Siam and kill the King.

Movie Reviewers usually noted very interesting fact that the role play by Jodie Foster was expressionless when it came to the comparison with the role play of the main hero played by unknown to the wide masses actor Chow Yung-Fat. He was the one who drew attention of the viewer and his play was noticeable. What is also interesting to note that rewires attitude to the film was rather cool. They put attention to the play by Chow Yung-Fat and wonderful decorations but found out that the director was not the first who exploited this idea and the result was not as expressing as it might be.

For the management of the movie it may influence in such a way. May be it will be better to invite on the role of the main heroine someone else but not a well known actress as Jodie Foster. Probably she was just an actress of another type. The unknown actor played his role masterfully. May be it will be solution for the main female role.

The reviews influence not only the film itself, the attitude of the audience but also the management of the movie. As in every business film industry usually teaches to take into account drawbacks and use good qualities. What is important about further (or probably supposed management changes) in “Anna and the King” is the sphere of HR management. The reviewers noticed the fact that the main heroine was not played by a suitable actress and that has become the most noticeable fact. So the conclusion is that HR management of the film has noticeable drawbacks and that are to be discluded (in supposed project). Probably, every attempt to make anything has certain drawbacks and positive moments that are to be taken into account for further projects. What is important to note is to know that managerial investigations won’t let to create a perfect movie and even taking into account losses of the other directors. Art is like gamble – you can either loose, or win, or the audience may be left indifferent. One of the critics noted that the film got to achieve an “Oscar” for the decorations and music.  But it failed and in fact the most important that the film has won public recognition and the target group liked the movie.

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