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Woodrow Wilson

The main aim of this project is to make an analysis of Woodrow Wilson’s First Inaugural Address, and to observe not only challenges the president believed he faced, but also the way he proposed to meet them.

  1. Analyzing Woodrow Wilson’s First Inaugural Address, it is necessary to say that the challenge number one was to reconsider the role of the government in the country for the purpose of to make its activity more public; the great Government should think about the people, but not about own selfish and private purposes. The next point was the necessity to change the situation with inexcusable waste, because people have squandered a very big part of resources, forgetting about nature and environment. Additional attention is important to pay to the fact that Woodrow Wilson was agree with the fact that economic situation in the country was a kind of challenge, and he was going to think about people’s prosperity in the frames of industrial development.
  2. Woodrow Wilson proposed to complete the work begun by the founding fathers and ‘put the government at the service of humanity’. The President was going to fix all mistakes of the previous government; moreover, he wanted to make America a country of paramount importance in the world, based on the constant expansion of its industrial base. Wilson proposed to reorganize and modernize the banking system and to impose the just principles of taxation. Wilson was sure that the Government should take care of own citizens and he also proposed to solve existed economic problems in the state and to develop the intervention of the Government in the economy of the state. He proposed to take care of nature and to minimize the harm, to correct the evil in the face of many various challenges he believed to be faced to without destroying the good, but only improving it and adding useful changes.

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