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Why People Should Travel to France Instead of England

It goes without saying that when you are taking a journey, you expect it to be a life-time experience and plenty of impressions. Generally, we travel in search of something new, of unforgettable images and emotions, but in fact there are so many other factors we usually take to account when we choose a destination that it is extremely important to think beforehand what is more worthy for you.

Today, there are vast opportunities for different tastes and categories of tourists, but nevertheless classic destinations like France and England are still on the top. In fact, there is a strong competition between these two great European countries. Of course, England has much to admire, and if you choose to go there, you’ll mostly enjoy British traditions and classic atmosphere in big cities like London and Manchester as well as green landscapes of the South England. England seems to be more available as you probably won’t face any language barriers while travelling. However, in central France English is wide-spread too, and you will easily communicate with local people if you just try. Alternatively, you may enjoy studying basic French as it is recognized to be rather easy.

Further, the proponents of travelling to England argue that the situation with transport is much better in London, as metro stations have been recently technically upgraded and look much cleaner than in Paris. Still, Parisian underground way is more stable and from any corner of the city you can easily get to the station. What is more, these stations are all exquisite and original by style (Art Noveau) and thus you can enjoy travelling underground with the same pleasure as on the ground (Jacobsen 1108).

Actually, France is known for its outstanding architecture and vibrant entertainment scene that follows you everywhere from Paris to French Riviera (Ring 20). The strongest argument is statistics that has ranked Paris as the most beautiful city of the world and France took the first place by number of touristic visits, according to the Forbes.com. Further, the most visited paid monument is the Eiffel Tower, while the most visited museum is Louvre and Champs de L’Elysee is the most amazing streets of the world.

As for hospitality, some people tend to say that you will find much more understanding and warmth in England, but researchers of mentality will argue. In reality, we know England to be much more conservative and skeptic to new-comers and their culture. Due to centuries of living on isolated islands, the English have become more closed and egocentric, while life in France is more European and thus more open to everything new and cosmopolitan (Gallagher 33).

In addition, climate is much more generous in France which is washed by the gentle waters of the Mediterranean Sea and warm currents of the Atlantic Ocean. In England it is raining rather more often (Willis 11), while in France you can lay on sandy beaches in the warm rays of the sun.

Finally, what is even more essential, in London you will spend much more money for staying. In Paris prices for renting are the same throughout the month, while in London they change weekly (Castro 2009). In fact, life and products in England are much more expensive (if to compare at least prices for transport, wine and dishes at restaurants etc.), that’s why in France you can spend less money for getting much more pleasure.


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