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Why I Want to Be a Nurse

In the future I want to become a nurse, because this profession in demand in the medical field. It is rather popular profession among women, which is based on their desire to help people. In order to become a nurse a person must possess certain qualities, skills and knowledge. But first of all he need to understand and realize the essence of nursing profession, that is to help and support patients. This is a fairly complex job that requires both physical and moral qualities.

I want become a nurse and I think I really fit this profession. Primarily because I have the necessary qualities: patience and consistency, kindness and friendliness, responsibility, punctuality, tact, sensitivity, attentiveness, and honesty, care, empathy, communication, observation, self-discipline, love for people.

I am also good at working in teams with people, friendly and welcoming, that is, I can help doctors and medical specialists.

A nurse must have a professional education, to possess knowledge about different medications, vaccinations, injections, dressings, massage techniques, methods and first aid. A nurse must possess qualities such as responsibility and professionalism. Range of functional responsibilities of a nurse depends on the place of work, but she is usually involved in patient care, performing various medical procedures, diagnosis, physician assistant serves on the operations, taking care of the sick, watching over the health of patients, does massage. That is kind of work I wanted to have in future.

In future I see myself working in medical institutions such as hospitals, motels, camps and clinics, maternity homes and dispensaries, rehabilitation centers, trauma items, women’s clinics and medical department, health centers, clinics and midwife posts. Also I will be able to work in social organization: it is children’s homes, orphanages, prison, nursing homes, orphanages. I can help people, care for the sick and children, which fully complies with my personal qualities: caring, compassionate, understanding, non-judgmental, realistic, open-minded, quick thinker, detailed oriented, honest, dedicated, ethical and moral person. I am sure I will be able to become not only good nurse and good medical specialist, but also a good friend to patients.

I am ready and look forward to dedicating my time to this full time nursing program. I’ve dreamed of becoming a nurse for the longest time and I am ready to make my dream a reality.