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Why, How, and Should We Introduced School Uniforms in the Public schools?

The topic of the paper is introduction of school uniforms. It is necessary to state the main argument, make a research on its use and provide information on main arguments why it should be introduced.

There are differing views on whether it is necessary to introduce a general standard uniform for students. There is no consensus or one definite answer, so in different schools and colleges are held debates and discussions on this issue between teachers, administration and parents. So the introduction of school uniforms is a choice of board of each school. Many schools with long traditions and history have uniforms, which are the hallmarks of these schools (colleges). At the same time, in many public school students are allowed to put everyday wear, or stick to a certain dress code.

Brunsma (2005) speaks about important functions of uniforms at schools, such as discipline, education and social equality. Cohn C. (1996) also speaks in the article about the importance of aesthetic perception of students, their formal appearance, which corresponds to the status of educational institution. It is important that uniforms help students to look official, that is to focus children attention on the learning process.

Anyway many teachers and parents speak about the necessity and importance of school uniforms for students. A survey of parents and teachers shows that the majority speaks in favor of introduction of forms for children. The main views and supporting arguments are as follows:

  • School uniforms bring discipline, as children can not wear too bright or wrong clothes. Some clothes just do not match to serious learning process and teachers have to make remarks to the children who are dressed inappropriately or carelessly, while uniforms solve this problem.
  • Uniform is an important factor of social equality in society, as it helps to smooth out the social differences between pupils;
  • school uniform has a disciplining effect, since it is similar to dress codes in business offices, so children get used to have official clothes.

Thus, the main arguments, as well as survey and review of the literature show that the introduction of the uniform is necessary and important part of processes of learning and education of students.

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