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Why High School Pass out Birth Control Devices and Information to Students

Birth control at schools have the reputation of incredibly relevant issue. This fact doesn’t seem surprising due to objective stats – there are more than 500 000 teenage pregnancies every year! Thus, there is the common need to get the solution for social problem.

As any other debatable topic, school birth control has two opposite to each other sides. Some people are for, others – against.

Those who take the second view are sure that birth control devices passing out, and birth control education in general, can generate dangerous interest to sex experiments among scholars. On the other hand, birth control activists have much more grounded approach and arguments.

According to associated Press-Ipsos poll 67 percent support passing out contraceptives to students. Moreover, 62 percent of respondents claimed that they believe birth control programs at schools providing is useful to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies (Msnnbs). So, as you see “for” side seems to be predominant. What are the reasons to take it?

The answer is incredibly clear. Young people are not able to aware their sexuality and this fact’s pushing away is unacceptable approach. Thus, teachers and parents are wondered in useful solutions to control natural interest of students and to prevent unwished consequences caused by irresponsible behavior of young ones. Moral stressing and problem avoiding were not confirmed with efficiency. Therefore, society has witnessed sexual education with inherent birth control programs appearance.

To show out the meaning of birth control at schools informing, the claim of J. Moore looks to the point – “Good relevant sex education provides knowledge, knowledge is information, and information is confidence” (Associatedcontent). In this respect, experience of birth control programs providing shows that adequate informing combined to contraceptives passing out have already become helpful to reduce teenage pregnancy several times.

However, there are some relevant questions that grabs people’s minds – what is the scholars’ age to begin birth control? What types of birth control devices are suitable? Notwithstanding this fact, usability of appropriate education generates no doubts due efficient to alternatives absence.


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