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Direct Order Vs Indirect Order Essay

The main aim of this project is to discuss when the direct order is more appropriate than the indirect order in inquires and vice versa.First of all it is important to mention that the order, in general sense, is an internal document of any organization, published by its director concerning operational, organizational, personnel and other matters of internal organization of the work. In this case the direct order is given to people in more strict form than the indirect one, and everybody should follow the direct order without any refuses. The indirect order is usually given in more mild form and is more polite on its structure, because it allows people to make a choice to do or not to do something. For instance, the direct order in oral form would be something like the following: prepare all necessary information due tomorrow and find all contact numbers of our partners; while the indirect order would be the following: I would like you to find all contact numbers of our partners and everything that would be important during our tomorrow presentation, and thanks in advance.

Both types of orders demand obedience, and they are often given by directors to their staff, or by important people to less important ones, to people who are able to follow concrete instructions in inquires. Orders are given for the purpose of to show what things people should to do and how to do them in more effective way. Direct orders have more official character, while indirect orders can be more informal, and sometimes it may be more effective to use indirect orders for the purpose of to achieve better results. In conclusion, we have observed direct and indirect orders in this project, and showed the necessity of their use in practice.


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