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Useful Experience

None of us is immune from mistakes and failures in our life, and not everything goes according to the planned schedule; thus, exactly useful previous experience gives us all the necessary information about a surrounding reality. In such a way, I would like to share my own experience with you, and explain how I have understood that appearances can be deceiving.

First of all I want to say that I have a favorite proverb which demonstrates that good appearances can be deceiving, and the proverb is the following: “All is not gold that glitters”. I like to use the proverb in various situations, but I have understood its true meaning not on the examples of human relationships, as a vast majority of my friends did, but at the zoo, watching behavior of animals there.

To explain the way how I understood that appearances can be deceiving, I want to mention that I love animals very much, and my family and I visited various zoos for many times from my early childhood. It was interesting for me to watch how animals look like and try to understand why it is so. For instance, my mother told me that black and white stripes on zebra’s body do not only give the impression of light and shadow, but also confuse predators. Protective zebra’s coloration is just one example of the ways how the nature camouflages animals. When I became adult, I have read that the stripes on zebra’s body are located in a specific manner, so that they seem to divide the body into separate parts. That is why zebra’s body ceases to be a big target for animals that hunt on it. In contrast to zebra’s stripes, tiger’s stripes are important for the tiger to help him to sneak up to animals during the hunt. In addition, leopard skin is also spotted exactly thereat. Thus, the nature gives us a lot of hints which may help to orient in human world. For instance, a simple example from the world of nature may prove that sometimes inoffensive at the first glance objects can be very dangerous: it is a well-known fact that the crocodile looks like a floating log in the river, and this fact does not need additional explanations about dangerous nature of crocodiles.

People, being a part of nature, also use the same ways of ‘camouflage’ in different situations. For instance, I have several friends who are bikers. They look like bad guys, wearing leather jackets and making tattoos on their body, but they are very kind and well-wishing people, who are always ready to help. The most of my friends are afraid of bikers, thinking that they are rude and angry people, but these people forget that appearances can be deceiving, and form their opinion only on the base of outward signs, while it is important to get at the root of one’s human nature. In contrary, I know many people, who wear only very expensive suits and always smile to others, but they will never help you; sometimes they even forget to call their parents for months. Thus, these people being an ideal in their appearance have no the same ideal inner qualities, being a bitter candy in a beautiful candy wrapper.

In conclusion, I have explained that appearances can be deceiving in the body of this project, using specific examples from my early childhood, and adding them with my last observations.