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Treatment Plan

The patient, John Smith, is currently facing a bunch of problems caused by his poor health condition. In fact, the major problem of the patient is the health problem. The health problem of John Smith is spinal cancer he suffers from. Spinal cancer is a serious health problem that may lead to the lethal outcome. At the same time, the patient faces the legal problem. The legal problem is the lack of legal sources to fund his treatment. The patient holds a low social standing and he cannot afford health insurance. Therefore, he cannot cover his health care costs needed for his treatment. In addition, the patient suffers from poor psychological condition because a bunch of health and legal problems aggravates the psychological condition of the patient putting him on the edge of depression. In fact, the psychological problem is the lack of support from the part of the patient’s family members and other people.

The major goals of treatment aim at the elimination of problems the patient is currently facing. To put it more precisely, the first goal is to find a charitable organization or other source of funding John Smith’s treatment. The second goal is to provide the patient with psychological support and counseling services. The third goal is to help the patient to develop a positive view on his current condition and help him to get social support from the part of family members, friends, or social workers, at the least.

In this regard, it is possible to suggest applying different methods to achieve the set goals. First of all, it is necessary to focus on the search of charitable organizations that provide financial aid to patients with cancer, who cannot afford their treatment. In addition, it is possible to involve the local community to provide the financial support for John Smith. To reach the local community, it is possible to use local mass media, such as local papers, radio, television as well as internet. In such a way, it is possible to raise financial resources required for the treatment of the patient.

Second, the patient should receive psychological assistance and counseling services. To meet this goal, it is necessary to employ a psychologist and involve health care professionals in counseling services. In such a way, patients will receive essential psychological support that will help him to avoid depressive conditions. To provide the patient with the social support and to develop a positive view on the patient’s current condition, it is important to involve family members and social workers. Social workers should support John Smith and work with his family members and friends to persuade them to support the patient as well as to teach them effective counseling techniques to support John Smith.

Obviously, as the patient suffers from spinal cancer, he has limited time to obtain essential support. In fact, the sooner the help comes the better for the patient. In this regard, raising funds should be the primary concern because the patient needs health care services right now. Therefore, it is necessary to find a charitable organization or community funding or both within a couple of weeks.

At least, the patient should receive first grant to fund his treatment within two weeks. At the same time, it is necessary to work with the patient’s family and friends as well as to attract community and social workers to help John Smith to cope with his problems that may take about a month in total.