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Transfer Essay

My name is Shahad Al-Suraisry and I want to transfer to George Washington University and I explain why. It can be said that for me enhancing knowledge is the main purpose of studying and I have no doubt that George Washington University will provide what I need to achieve my goals. I have always believed that undergraduate study exposes to the different facets of the profession. As a fact, to acquire an in-depth knowledge in a chosen field of biology, graduate study is a necessity. I would like to pursue my graduate degree and study biology to become a dentist.

For many years I have been keen on biology. I believe that dentists help people to become healthier and improve their communication skills. Also it should be noted that being a dentist is very prestigious in modern society. Moreover, dentist is a highly-paid job with great perspectives. Without any doubts dentist is very useful profession, and is in high demand. As a fact, I have always been interested in a profession of a dentist.

I consciously made my choice to become a dentist, and naturally understand if I really started to master such a difficult profession, I must master it fully. I want to become a good specialist, real professional, that is why I want to transfer to George Washington University. It should be noted that this profession requires not only flawless technical skills, but also a great psychological stress. Your work can be instantly assessed critically (the patient may not like it), and a doctor should be ready for this, he should not lose heart in case of failure, but it is actually not so easy. I presume that the job of a dentist brings great joy to people, he returns patient to the society and gives him the ability to fully communicate and smile, because a beautiful smile, it is so important in modern life.

Also, I found many interesting projects which are offered by university’s professors and they are related to my fields of interest at George Washington University. It can be said that “Achieving the excellence” is the motto of my life. I am confident that my dedication and passion for my work will lead me to reach my destination. I would like to be a dentist and I enjoy helping people become healthier and solve their everyday problems.

I believe that quality of education is a very important factor. That is why I want to study at the George Washington University. During my search over the internet for a prospective university for graduate studies, I visited George Washington University website and came to know about its scope of work, facilities, and typical projects. All of its project types intrigue me very much. George Washington University is one of the few places I can think of. It is one of the country’s top universities and is well known for producing high caliber graduates. I do believe that, I will have the best lesson in a chosen field in the department of biology. All in all, in the modern society are in a demand, that is why I choose to become a dentist and study at George Washington University.

I hope that the admissions committee finds my background and strengths commensurate with the requirements of a George Washington University.