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Training and Development of Human Resources

In actuality, the professional development is unthinkable without training and coaching. In this regard, I would focus on my personal and professional development, for I am conscious of the fact that I do need to keep progressing. Otherwise, I will be doomed to failure in my professional development. On the other hand, to focus the area, where I have to work hard to improve my performance and my professional skills and abilities, I have to define problems I have at the moment. For this purpose, I will use DISC to assess my style and find out my weaknesses as well as strengths, on the ground of which I can elaborate the action plan.

DISC report

On conducting the DISC assessment, I found out that I am inclined to the steadiness type. At first glance, this is a good type to develop my professional skills and abilities because I can use my stable and focused work to keep progressing steadily. However, my major problem is my inability to adapt changes fast. In the contemporary business environment, I need to adapt to changes fast because our organization implements many changes that raises substantial barriers on my way to success. In addition, I should develop my leadership skills and abilities to enhance my dominance style. In fact, I have under-developed leadership skills because I accustomed to work in a team and often I performed the role of a follower but not the leader. Therefore, I believe that now it is high time to start developing my leadership skills and start learning to adapt to changes faster and effectively. In this regard, my steadiness can help me because it contributes to my steady work on specific problems, which I have already identified.

Action plan and commitment timetable

In order to overcome my weaknesses and problems I have to develop an effective action plan. First of all, I have identified my major weaknesses and problems that was the first step in my plan. The second step will be the definition of goals. To put it more precisely, I am going to develop my leadership skills and flexibility to become able to changes. For this purpose, I need to start working on a project and take the lead to show that I can be a leader and become a true leader of the project team. In this regard, I have to create a plan to complete the project, work with each team members and be able to negotiate if any problems arise. In addition, I should learn more about effective leadership styles. In this regard, I can refer to existing studies dedicated to the problem of effective leadership. At the same time, I should develop my internal potential.

Furthermore, I should develop effective negotiating techniques and study the conflict management. This will help me to negotiate and prevent conflicts in my team. At the same time, this will help me to become more flexible in relation to changes.

The timetable will include several stages. I will spend the first week on the identification of problems and setting goals. The second week I will spend on searching the project. Two more weeks I will spend on planning of the project. One week I will spend on selecting the team. And I will need about a month on completing the project.


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