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It goes without saying that reduction of tobacco is one of the most significant problems in the present day world. And one of the most significant steps to reducing tobacco and assisting adults’ quit smoking is development of environmental strategies. It will be essential to start with the defining what is environmental strategies and how they could influence the tobacco reducing: “Environmental strategies are focused on changing aspects of the environment that contribute to the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Specifically, environmental strategies aim to decrease the social and health consequences of substance abuse by limiting access to substances and changing social norms that are accepting and permissive of substance abuse. They can change public laws, policies and practices to create environments that decrease the probability of substance abuse” (Wisconsin Clearing House, 2010). It goes without saying that environmental strategies are strongly connected to government policies and their strategies too, that is why developing any strategy current legislation would be a good advisor as well as monitoring of social opinion in the region(in our case it is Louisiana).

Dealing with the question of environmental strategies used in Louisiana, assisting adults to quit smoking, the first noticeable is closely connected with financial motivation: increasing of the tax on tobacco. It goes without saying that some people need financial motivation to give up habits that make a serious damage to their health. It goes without saying that raise of taxation shows governmental support of the program and increasing of the tobacco tax is really helpful. Hence it is obvious that in such a situation to notice that this environmental strategy (dealing with financial motivation) works effective collaborating with the other strategies directed on the same aim.

Another legal implication that could be related as environmental strategy direct on raising tobacco use age: “The Louisiana Legislature has proposed a bill to raise the age of legal tobacco use from 18 to 21 years old. If House Bill 240 passes in the 2008 Regular Session, it will be illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to buy or possess any tobacco products. The Louisiana Legislature has proposed a bill to raise the age of legal tobacco use from 18 to 21 years old” (Medical News Today, 2008). It goes without saying that collaborative usage of these environmental strategies would provide a significant effect on reducing the poor statistics of Louisiana and leading of the state statistics of smokers to decrease their rate. Speaking about statistics it would be necessary to note that 25 percent of the state’s population is tobacco addicted: “The economic expense associated with tobacco, costs the state approximately $1.46 billion a year, and tobacco use causes one in five deaths in the state”. Personally I think that both of these environmental strategies should be illustrated by the statistical data as evident factors also have a significant influence on the people too. Such environmental strategies seek for the future of the state and healthy generations too.

The legal implication should be undoubtedly supported by the other strategies assisting the severing of the legislation dealing with tobacco selling. Smoker should be assisted by the specialists who would help them to give up smoking. It is essential that such an environmental strategy was used in Louisiana too: “To help Louisiana residents quit smoking after the recent tax increase in the state, the Louisiana Tobacco Control Program and the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco Free Living have provided funding to offer all Louisiana residents who want to kick their cigarette habit free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). Through the Quit With Us program, all residents who call the state’s tobacco quitline will receive free cessation counseling and NRT. The free NRT will be offered for a limited time beginning on May 4, 2009” (Tobacco Control Network, 2010). It goes without saying that such supportive programs are necessary in assisting the legal implications. Several environmental strategies perfectly collaborate with each other. They fill up each other and this unity would undoubtedly provide the desired effect.

Speaking about the tobacco problem, it would be essential to note that development of complex environmental strategies and using positive examples within the other areas have become a good tradition as in the United States as well in Europe. It goes without saying that people should be well aware about what is damaging their health and how it is influencing those who are non-smokers. Rightfully developed strategy is recipe for success.



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