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Argument essay | DUI Problem in Rural Areas

Nowadays DUI problem takes a special place in our society as drinking alcohol and driving cause a great number of automobile accidents. According to the statistical data represented by Fatality Analysis Reporting System, about 39% of all the accidents on the roads have been caused by alcohol. A lot of drunk drivers lost their lives in the motor vehicle crashes. The statistics shows that the average number of DUI offenders who are killed for this reason every year is more than 17,600 people. (Malek-Ahmadi, 2008, p.1)

Although a lot of methods have been used by the governmental institutions to prevent the huge number of DUI arrests and accidents, it is noticed that DUI problem in rural areas remains an acute one and requires speedy solution.

It is known that it is a common thing that young people who live in rural areas drink alcohol. Numerous surveys proved the fact that rural people spend most time of the day in their cars. They travel long distances being intoxicated, and the roads may be narrower, worn-out and poorly lit. That is why driving under the influence provokes serious accidents.(Malek-Ahmadi, 2008, p.21)

According to the numerous surveys, DUI arrests in rural areas can be related to the female population to a far greater degree. One of such studies was held by the experts in Kentucky. The indicators of the problem were examined and the results proved the fact that multiple DUI arrests and accidents were associated with female in rural areas. (Webster et al., 2009, p.12)

One more important fact is that those people who have already been arrested for their driving under the influence, can repeat the offenses. Such repeat DUI offenders should be included into special subgroups and the researchers and clinicians should make special prevention programs for them. (Nochayski & Stasiewicz, 2006, p.7)


In conclusion, it is necessary to say that alcohol abuse is considered to be one of the main causes of the numerous crime problems such as theft and burglary, assaults and murders. That is why special attention should be paid to the problem of driving under the influence in rural areas. Strict control, explanatory work, heavy fines and other methods should be used by the governmental institutions to reduce the number of DUI accidents in rural areas of the USA.(Greenberd & Morral, 2005, p.11)

It is also recommended to use special treatment programs and control strategies to solve the drunk driving problem in the rural areas of the USA. (Byrne, 2009, p.5)


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DUI Problem in Rural Areas