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Zeitgeist Essay

It is a well-known fact that all cultural and social components depend on the time they take place. Hence, fashion or we may also interpret in as something that currently believed to be modern, may be regarded as the ‘Zeitgeist’, meaning the spirit of the times. In addition, fashion has a power to change all our life and to influence practically all product categories, by affecting them in style. The good examples to prove this statement can be clearly seen in such spheres of our everyday life as architecture and art, music and movies. Besides, clothes and designs, both interior and industrial, as well as media are greatly influenced by the fashion.

In 1928, Nystrom tried to name factors guide along with the possible influence of the fashion character and its direction. It should be also said that his list is still a framework for observing the process of the Zeitgeist formation.

The Dominating Events include 3 kinds of dominating events:

  • significant occurrences, for example, death, war and the death of world leaders as well as world fairs
  • art vogues
  • accidental events

The Dominating Ideals feature such main ideas as patriotism, the Greek ideal of classical beauty. I would like to add that nif we take the years 2005-2011, this list would definitely include multiculturalism, globalization, issues on environment and humanity as well as men and women equality.

As to the dominating Social Groups, Nystrom named wealthy, influence and power of the leaders. I think that nowadays this group should also feature the today’s culture as currently there is a new group, consisting of celebrities, observed via media channels, such as movies, music videos and TV series. Besides, the photographs which appear in magazines and newspapers as well as different interview programs should be also there.

The Dominating attitude of the Zeitgeist is imprinted through the so called fashion engine that can be regarded as a transaction between the wish of a particular individual to fit in ideal and remain such and between the imitation and differentiation.

Needless to say that the Dominating Technology of Nystron should be added nowadays as if we take the years 2005- 2011, we need to say that technology is deeply intertwined in the everyday life, in particular, when regarding communication and entertainment- computers, laptops, cell phones, portable music systems. In addition, hand-held computers, for example, the PDAs (personal digital assistants) will surely give way to wearable computers.

As a result, this development is already being studied at the MIT Media Lab. To my point of view, this wearable technology or as it is often called- cyberpunk, is likely to become the important fashion accessory in the next decade.

Moreover, I think that the current Zeitgeist also includes speed, urbanity, labels, clubs, labels, and super- casual, super sexy and super-utilitarian clothing. Yes, the accessories made from plastics, rip-stop nylons, and fabrics, streamlined fast forward that include pockets are becoming more and more popular. Besides, due to the recent lifestyle mobility people tend to want the clothes that have pockets and smart fabrics to accommodate different up to date communications, such as jackets with wireless mobiles, rucksacks with special place for the laptop, etc.

In conclusion, Zeitgeist may be regarded as a modernity expression or the current state in the culture within a particular time combined with the new wishes of the consumers during that period. What’s more, every product and even a lifestyle component, for instance, furniture, architecture and automobiles, are likely to have the same style interactions that reflect the vogue of the Zeitgeist due to the cultural currents. In addition, Zeitgeist also features the current events, attitudes, and technology. As a result, we define the present by these cultural models and our future can be influenced by even a slight change in them.