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The Tragedy of Othello


William Shakespeare is a well known English playwright, poet and actor. He is probably one of the most famous dramatists all over the world, the author of at least 17 comedies, 10 historical plays, 11 tragedies, 5 poems and the cycle of Sonnets. Now we will go deep into the past of this outstanding playwright to understand how his life has influenced his creations. This essay would examine the main hero of Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello.


The strong feelings such as jealousy and gullibility highly impacted Othello’s character development within the pages of the play. At the very beginning of the play Othello is a noble Christian Moor; he was a military general on the service of Venetian state, physically strong person. His skills are highly valued in Venice and important. His image is extremely positive; Roderigo and Iago recognized his achievements and speak about him respectively in the first scene. However, Othello did not feel himself good in Venice, he felt like social pariah due to his different cultural heritage and racial difference. The author described the inner atmosphere, where Othello lived as quite lonely because his life of a soldier had been full of war campaigns, and then he lived among the sophisticated Venice nobility. But he did not shy of his Barbarian descendent:
“Rude am I in my speech, / And little blessed with the soft phrase of peace” (I.iii.81–82).
Because of his loneliness he valued his friends and his wife most of all.

His marriage occured at the pinnacle of his life: “If it were now to die, / ‘Twere now to be most happy, for I fear / My soul hath her content so absolute, / That not another comfort, like to this / Succeeds in unknown fate” (II.1, 190–194).

So, his jealousy and gullibility were full of passion: in fact, the idea of Desdemona betrayed him actually made his life senseless. In the end of the play, he killed Desdemona and than committed suicide. His last speech can woo almost anyone because it revealed how unhappy was Othello, pursed by his fear and finally he became a victim of villains and foreign culture.



The tragedy should make the audience to feel sorrow and fear. The evolution of Othello’s character in the play is the main component of tragedy.