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The Term ‘Morale’

The term ‘morale’ is ordinary used in cases, when someone wants to call the other person to order for some wrongdoing. This term is not a new one in our minds, but many people even do not realize what it actually means in our contemporary work and life conditions. In fact, morality is a set of criteria for socially acceptable and socially unacceptable behavior, and it is determined by public opinion. In other words, it is a kind of ‘what is good and what is bad’ in the collective sense. Work morale may be impact by different key areas, while one or other element may be more or less important for people in different situations. Thus, the main purpose of this essay is to discuss a situation where morale played a major role in my success or failure and describe how any of the four key areas facilitate the outcome.

The key area of my interest that impacts work morale is economic rewards. There is no doubt that many people in their searches of the future working place are not only paying attention to the job itself, but they are also thinking about the possibility to earn money. I’m not an exception from the group of the above mentioned people and I pay a big attention not only to the job, but also to the possibility to receive good salary for my job.

Being honest, I have had a situation when I was forced to reject an offer to work in a large company because its main specialization was connected with the production of tobacco, and the company was a leader in tobacco industry. It was a hard period in the development of my moral state and I have understood the fact that when I get a job, I will apply and develop tobacco industry and make people to use more and more harmful substances.

Nowadays reconsidering the situation I came to the conclusion that I need to think not only about own salary, but also about future outcomes of my activity. It is certainly important for me to pay attention to a social significance of my work. In my life, I have tactical questions which are subordinated to the strategic ones, so it would be strange to solve the tactical problem of making money through the strategic issue of my mission in life. In my opinion, tobacco industry is a kind of industries that is harmful to society in the long run.

I do not want to put own strength and talent to the development of the tobacco industry because I used to do my job well, and that means I’ll be indirectly involved in the involvement of people to this harmful habit, because tobacco company, as any other company is interested in increasing of its turnover. I understood that life is very changeable, but I would not choose socially questionable jobs on my own volition.

In conclusion, I have observed the situation where work morale played a major role in my moral success, but also the failure in my financial success; I have also described the way how economic rewards impacted on my decision. It is a fact that labor becomes a moral value, if it is perceived not only as a source of livelihood, but also as a source of inspiration and self-development.