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The Study Habits

Imagine that Rasmussen College has asked the psychology department to research the study habits of its students. In a 1-2 page paper, describe how you would design a research study based on the method assigned to you by last name. Be creative in your research ideas!Last name begins with: CResearch method: Survey

As my goal in this paper is to describe the way I am going to design my research study based on survey research method, I’d like to start with the definition of the term survey.

Survey is a research method which is used to find some fact by means of collecting the data from the participants. In our case, I will collect the data from the students. As my task is to research the study habits of the college students, it will be a specific survey. It is known that specific surveys are based on specific hypothesis. In our case, the hypothesis will be the following: The study habits of college students are affected by their learning abilities and motivation. Survey is a good research method for this hypothesis because it gives opportunity to prove the above mentioned statement.

The plan of conducting my survey research is the following:

  1. Definition of the objective or hypothesis;
  2. Selection of the appropriate information;
  3. Research design;
  4. Construction of measuring scales;
  5. Sampling;
  6. Selection of tools to collect data;
  7. Conducting the field work- data collection;
  8. Data processing;
  9. Data analysis;
  10. Reporting the results of the survey research.(Laurel & Lunenfeld, 2003, p.27)

The advantages of the survey method:

  • Survey can describe characteristics of a large number of people;
  • Survey gives opportunity to ask many questions concerning the topic. It provides considerable flexibility to data analysis.
  • This method is not expensive. (Bruman, 2001, p.23)
    The disadvantages of the survey method:
  • It is rather hard for the participants of the survey to tell the truth in all their responses;
  • Closed ended questions may have low validity;
  • Surveys cannot be used for studying some complex social issues. (Cohen et al., 2000, p.71)

My study will help Rasmussen College to improve motivation of its students in the academic process.

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