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Definition of Marketing

The sources used for studying the definition of marketing:
Marketing by Kerin, Hartley and Rudelius (2010);
Contemporary Marketing, by Kurtz, MacKenzie and Snow (2009)
Principles of Marketing, by Young and Pagoso (2008)
Own definition of marketing:

Marketing is a set of business processes for identifying and satisfying the needs of potential customers for certain products or services through planning, selling, distribution and promotion, which is aimed to benefit both sellers and buyers.
For the analysis, I have chosen the sphere of ethics training and courses. One of providers of services in this sphere is Global Ethics University (http://www.globalethicsuniversity.com/). This company operated in the sphere of ethics training since 1999, and provides a number of online courses related to ethics. There are general ethics courses and several industry-related ethics courses. All courses can be purchases and accessed online, and ca be useful for various categories of potential students. There are demo versions of the courses, so the customers can estimate the quality and value of the product before making a purchase. Pricing is quite competitive (around $40-$60 per course), and each course takes about 2-4 hours. Global Ethics University also offers corporate ethics training (as online facility, too).

Overall, the services of Global Ethics university are diverse and address a large number of potential clients; the courses are convenient and the website clearly shows the value of the services. Competitive pricing is also an advantage of this company. Distribution is performed online at the Global Ethics University website and at the CTI website (Character Training Inc.). Global Ethics University uses traditional online promotions means such as banner ads, social networks etc. At the same time, Global Ethics University is a non-accredited company and this might present serious marketing limitations. Thus, from the perspective of the definition of marketing formulated above, Global Ethics University marketing can be evaluated as moderately good.


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