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The Services of This Tourist Agency

Case Studies

  1. Case one: Shroff International Care Opens Door to Philippines

Discussion Questions

1)    I have toured the Web site www.airlinecenter.info and I believe that this Web site is primarily designed to assist global customers. Actually, the Web site contains much information on both domestic and international tourism, including tour packages for both domestic and international tours, description of hotels and resorts, help and customer support info (airline listings, embassy listings, limousine services and general visa requirements). Tourists from all over the world can use the services of this tourist agency.

2)    I argue that www.airlinecenter.info empowers SITCI travel agents to provide better personal service to customers through effective training practices which guarantee dynamic growth in terms of client percentage, and “friendly, efficient and quality service” (Airline Center Shroff International Travel Care, Inc. (SITCI), Official Web site, 2013). Due to effective training, SITCI travel agents can work on more complicated on more complicated reservations and perform more complicated ticketing work to attract new clients from all over the world. Besides, the company protects the interests of travel agents.

Critical Thinking Questions

1)    SITCI might further develop its Web site to provide unique services to the global market that could not be provided by the big online companies. For example, SITCI travel agents could sell travel insurance, arrange care on arrival at the place of destination, the organization of specific trips and excursions, etc. (Seth et. al., 2003, p. 34).

2)    If I were planning a trip to tour Philippines, I would work with SITCI because this company is more specific in providing services for international tourists who want to visit Philippines. In other words, SITCI is considered to be a specialized travel agency that has only two offices in Philippines. Therefore, SITCO travel agents are better informed about the necessary details of travel business in this country. I would trust this company more than Expedia.com., one of the biggest online travel agencies. Although both SITCI and Expedia.com sell travel services to tourists, I believe that SITCI travel services are more reliable in this case.


  1. Case Two: Discovery Communications Digs Out of Mountains of Documents

Discussion Questions

1)    Carefree Technologies was involved in developing of DCI’s new system. The company played an important role in the development process, providing the effective document management system connected with other portal services. Carefree Technologies turned to IBM’s Lotus Domino Document Manager System, which is considered to be the best document management solution for DCI.

2)    The purpose of a corporate portal is “to act as a hub to information, applications and services” (Seese, 2008, p. 126). DCI’s new portal provides its employees with the necessary tools to perform their duties in a proper way. Due to the corporate portal, the necessary information can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Besides, the corporate portal can be used to foster integration practices and combine, transform and process the required data.

Critical Thinking Questions

1)    Knowledge management is so popular today because it helps to convert personal knowledge into organizational knowledge and improve productivity (Wang, 2001, p.7). Besides, knowledge management is crucial in project management and corporate strategy. In general, knowledge management is aimed to optimize the value of business helping employees to become innovative and adaptable to changes (Akerkar & Sajja, 2010).

2)    The most important steps in organizing the millions of documents in DCI’s systems were collecting, transferring, securing and managing knowledge in terms of the necessary resources. Special attention was paid to the employees’ skills within the organization.












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