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Essay on Digital Life

It is not a secret that communication plays an important role in our digital life which has already captured all our free time. We cannot imagine our usual working day without digital communication as well as our weekends when we have rest. Digital communication became an integral part of our life.

Today the world of digital communication includes such kinds of media as audio and video, DVD, Internet, e-mails, online games, mobile phones, SMS and what not! It is connected not only with entertainment but also with a great variety of every day activities including jobs, business, mass media, education, politics, religion, science and many other spheres of human activities.

Of course, digital communication has a lot of advantages. It is easy and quick to use. It does not require any paper. It can work all day long. It is interesting and entertaining. Digital communication makes it possible to unite a great deal of people from different parts of the world. It is a true source of information.

It is clear that digital communication requires certain rules of etiquette which should be always followed. We should treat others with respect and politeness. It is very important for effective digital communication.


In conclusion, it is necessary to say that our digital life is so rich and interesting that we cannot underestimate it. Our main task is to use all the modern digital devices in order to express ourselves and to connect to the dynamic world. Digital communication will help us to do it.