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The Rampart Scandal

Nowadays each policeman remembers about the Rampart police scandal, and, according to the scales of the last one, it is possible to state that the Rampart scandal is one of the most famous corruption scandals in a police area. Thus, we are going to observe the Rampart scandal with more details, paying a specific attention to the way how police subculture could have led to the Rampart scandal.

In the beginning of this project it is necessary to mention that the Rampart police Scandal rocked the Rampart Division of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) in the early 1990’s. Knowland & Nebbia (2000) showed that “The Rampart Division covers an eight square-mile area, just west of downtown, which is largely working class, heavily immigrant and densely populated”. The events of the scandal attracted the attention of many people and shocked the whole nation. People were really shocked by the fact that policemen were so deeply involved in corruption and illegal activities, such as a bank robbery, shootings, drug dealing, beatings, etc. According to Hayden (2000) “The CRASH scandal involves more than corrupt cops or police brutality against innocent people based on race. It is the inevitable result of gang profiling, a variant of racial profiling, a paramilitary-style counterintelligence program like those from an earlier era.”

It is a fact that contemporary LAPD is really differ from the LAPD of almost a generation ago. Observing the police subculture, according to O’Connor, Olivo & Trevino (1999), it is possible to mention that police officers were treated not as full partners in the tasks of public protection and safety, but as a working force because of ineffective ‘top down’ management to the prejudice of collaborative problem-solving one. It allows to understand that the police officers have had a lot of power in their hands, but due to their low morale development that was based on systematically ignoring of their needs, views and interests, they became a weapon in evil’s hands. There is no doubt that officers were guilty in their actions, but the roots of their activities are not as easy for understanding as it could be seen for the first glance.

Thus, we have discussed the Rampart police scandal and explain the way how police subculture could have led to the Rampart scandal.

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