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Profession of Bee-Keeper

In present paper I am planning to discuss the profession of bee-keeper and its worthwhile contribution to society. Maybe it is not the profession, which first crosses your mind when you think about important and useful profession. However, if we think about it, it becomes clear that our society receives a lot of benefits from members of this profession.

There is a well-known remark, “if bee disappeared humankind would only have 4 years of life left. No more bees mean no more pollination, no more flora, no more animals, no more people.” This vision is a perfect indication of how vital honeybees and bee-keepers are to the agricultural economy. Researchers have calculated that a third part of the food we all consume is pollinated by honeybees (Ewing). And it is really hard to be a bee-farmer as changes in the weather and diseases make it a delicate industry to be in. The polluted environment is also extremely hazardous for bees.

From the economic point of view bees and their bee-keepers are also very important as industries that depend on bees pressure to make the food we consume more expensive. “If we had serious loss of bees, then unavoidably prices on products would have to increase,” explained head of pollination research at Reading University Simon Potts (Holland, 2009).

For many people, contemporary life has evolved far from natural roots. Most of us live in artificial environment. Bee-farmers – whether professionals with hundreds of hives, or fans with only one hive – provide a vitally precious service to our society. For many reasons, wild honeybee colonies have been in the danger of extinction over the last years, making beekeepers really essential people. Agriculture is really dependent upon the pollination provided by bees. And when I think about all other benefits of bee-keeping: the chance to make nature’s purest sweet, and the essential contribution made to the society by those who care for this significant insect, I feel shame that I don’t follow the fascinating hobby of bee-keeping.


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