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The Problem of Single-Parent

To begin with, it should be noted that nowadays, the problem of single-parent child rearing is extremely spread and actual in the United States. In my opinion, this process is very difficult for every child and without any doubts leaves a mark in everyone’s life.

First of all, every single-parent child faces with a stress during the divorce of parents. After divorce, a child should learn to live only with one parent, often the mother. This process is more acute when parents divorced at an early age for a child. Due to this, for the child is extremely difficult to become harmonious developed person.As a rule, after divorce a child thinks that one parent rejected him, and this complex can live with him for many years. Moreover, financial difficulties force single parent go to work with high wages, which reduces her/his spare time to raise a child. In this situation, child often has a sense of loneliness and abandonment, according to Karen Benson (2010). In the case where one parent will communicate with child at a distance, the child may receive a guilt complex from the unwillingness of communication with the parent. Also, a single-parent child can often have bad relationships with friends, because of questions of different nature, gossip, and lack of willingness to answer questions about his parents.

In my opinion, society should advocate, support and promote creation of complete families, as well as harmonious development of single-parent children. Also, society should support single-parent families by providing regular educational counseling individual or group. During such counseling, can be created a course of lectures, where various topics, aimed both at raising the child, and legal areas can be discussed.

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