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The Problem of Environment Pollution

The problem of environment pollution is contemporary and relevant one. The humanity reached a point when serious changes and behavior rethinking should be provided. It is important to understand that Earth pollution is not the problem of states or politics. It is a tragedy of everyone, consequently, each of human beings ought to contribute maximum to common problem resolving. Thinking about how can I work most effectively to promote a cleaner environment, mysocial status and volume of influence abilities are the key points. Being a regular student, I’m not capable to affect consciousness of wide society. However, I’m still capable to decrease harm from myself and to give the proper example to my friends and relatives. Anyway, the most effective way to me is self-discipline and proper clean environment guidelines keeping. As for the sphere of my activities, recycling seems to be only achievable institution that can be contributed from me. In fact, a lot of items at this part that should be corresponded, such as waste reducing, processed food avoiding, tree free home, “green” energy source usage, second hand purchases etc.

Frankly, more than one hundred of positions can be noted here. However, serious doubts raise that I’m capable to remember all of them and can follow every item. To optimize my activities, the fundamental approach is more relevant here. According to this idea, I ought to simplify my life, reduce purchases, replace disposables, and use staff purchases. Dealing with this approach, I’m ready to say that I am ready to do it. The point of mentioned approach is that human should be environmentally responsible as much as it possible, within reasonable borders of civilized society. Being a visual aid of civilized benefits and environmental tolerance easy combination,I would be able to stimulate close to me people the same core guidelines corresponding.

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