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The New Media: Computers and Communication

It is necessary to discuss in this paper questions connected with computer and communication. I want to pay our attention on the internet and its influence on our life. It is well known fact that nowadays we can’t imagine our life without computers. A computer quickly entered in our life and even several years ago it was rareness to see somewhere personal computer. Nowadays situation is greatly changed and we understand that almost every person has personal computer and possibility to us internet.

Internet is a global computer network; wrap-round the whole world. Today Internet has about 15 million subscribers in more than 150 countries of the world. E-mail is the most widespread favor of network of the Internet. We can send e-mail message to every corner of our planet and make a video call to our friends, relatives or business partners. Saying about contemporary youth we can mention that in modern society pupils already can not study isolated, limited to traditional reserved surrounding: teachers, friends, families. A computer is open the window in the wide world of knowledge and information. Every student gets access to the richest informative resources of networks and possibility to work with interlocutors from other countries – to discuss problems practically with the whole world. The similar prospect of collaboration creates the strongest motivation for independent cognitive activity of student, their self-development and self-realization. The enormous area of information in the Internet opens before a student possibility of selection of necessary material in addition to present in a textbook, in reference books. Such work stimulates them to form own point of view in relate to the problem. In this case a computer becomes part of subculture of modern teenager and begins to acquire a large value for their personal self-determination.

Thus, based on above stated we could come to the conclusion that computers and the internet is very important part of our life and this new media allows us not only communicate with each other but also to be in touch with the whole world. The internet delete borders between countries and people, in such a way due to this we can get more information from day to day.


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