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The House of My Childhood

The house, which left indelible, beautiful and vivid memories in my memory and the house, which all guests love to visit and leave with reluctance is the house of my childhood. Thus, in this paper it is necessary to talk about the house of my childhood, because it is really a wonderful place that made me happy for some period of time when I was little and had carefree life.

First of all it is necessary to mention that the house of my childhood is a three-storey house with balcony located in Bogota, Columbia. The house is overlooking the street and wood floor stairs inside it always seemed as something mysterious because of their low squeak and specific wooden aroma. Thinking about rooms I remember from my childhood that all of them were rather big with excellent natural light because of wide windows with funny curtains.

In my family are four members and we have enough place for everyone and everything. Describing functional necessity of every room it is necessary to say that one room was for the parents, other room for the sister, my own room and mother’s cabinet. If to be more specific in details, mother’s cabinet was not really cabinet in its ordinary meaning, but the room which she used to sew different clothes. It was a well-equipped room, the room not only with special table, but also with sewing machine and several dummies. Mother spent a lot of time there and created very beautiful and extraordinary clothes using own imagination and her special equipment for this purpose.

The next room which I want to describe is my own room. There is no doubt that it was my favorite place, where I spent many hours reading interesting books and watching TV. There were not many furniture there, but I had a wooden bed, bookcase, table, several chairs and green armchair near the window. Walls were painted in several mild colors and I was happy to have such room, because all my friends had ordinary rooms with single-color walls, but my room was special Comparing my own and sister’s rooms it is important to say that her room was quite different and looks like a room for real princess with pink walls and a big variety of bright details everywhere. We usually liked to visit the room of each other and it was a kind of game when we were trying to change some details and find 10 differences in it.

A small backyard that is used for a dog Ranger to live was a place of different outside sports and rest. My favorite place was a brown garden bench near the big apple tree there. Frankly speaking, it was a wonderful place for looking after the kitchen, because when mother was cooking something tasty my sister and I were trying to taste it as soon as possible.

Thus, summarizing memories about the house of my childhood I want to add that due its specific building project it was the best place for my family. All rooms were filled by daily light during the whole day and I believe that light even helped members of my family to be in good mood from day to day. I believe that every house has its own soul, but nowadays I understood that peace of mind depends on harmony in the house where you spent your childhood. It is really right to say for the conclusion that the house of my childhood is my refuge, a place where I feel safe and comfortable.