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The Effects of Teen Pregnancies

Teen pregnancy became so common that sometimes it is even called an epidemic. The whole tragedy of this phenomenon is felt when realize what a strong and unexpected shock for a young girl is the news about her pregnancy. Such news change her life completely and the life of her family also. This issue is very important in our modern society. There is a risk to the health of children born from teenage mothers. Women, who become pregnant in their teens, are at increased risk of developing complications such as premature birth and socio-economic consequences. There are a lot of bad effects of teen pregnancy which are mentioned below.

A pregnant teenager has physical complications more often than women of 20-30 years old. These include toxaemia, haemorrhage, miscarriage and even death. Among pregnant teenagers the rates of prenatal and infant mortality are much higher. According to available data, many of these adverse health effects are primarily due to improper care of the pregnancy rather than biological immaturity.

Pregnancy at the age of 10-19 years is life-threatening. In the case of adolescents aged 15 to 19 years the mortality rate is four times higher than among women aged 25 to 29 years. There is a risk for unborn child also. In the case of girls aged 10 to 14 years, the situation is more complicated. If the child of such a young girl is born alive, then he is likely to die soon or have serious health problems.

Teenage pregnancy complicates further studying of girls. For this reason, there are very high rates of girls` refusal from study among such group of girls. Even if to consider a similar social group, 61% of teenage girls do not get pregnant until 20 – 21 years old and, therefore, have the opportunity to finish school. In comparison, only 41% of girls who gave birth before 18, become high school graduates.

Even after child’s birth, young mothers can not maintain the rhythm and level of academic achievements of their peers. They study poorly and have problems with exams. As a result, they may never finish school, just leave it. It becomes hard for young mothers to find a regular source of income, since each job requires certain skills, which they do not because of lack of proper education.

The only alternative left after teenage pregnancy is a state aid, namely social welfare. Most of these teenagers are unmarried and over 75% are in the custody of the state within five years from the date of child’s birth. Some experts say that poor teenagers get pregnant on purpose, in order to receive financial assistance from the father of the child; it’s like a survival mechanism to avoid the hopeless poverty.

Negative impact of teenage pregnancy also extends on the life born of their children. Teenage mothers more often become bad parents, compared with older mothers. It is known that children of adolescents have a higher risk of somatic diseases, mental and emotional problems than other children. They more often (if to compare to children of older mothers) have failure at school and feel the lack of intellectual ability.

Children born from teens often have late psychosocial development, and other disorders associated with malnutrition, etc. It is because young mom doesn’t have parenting skills. This mom does not understand what is necessary for her child, and does not realize the importance of a smile, petting and verbal communication with her child. Rage at society is often transferred to the child and sometimes there is physical violence.

Having become mature, children of very young mothers show behavioral tendencies that are considered unacceptable by society. In fact, it is the worst effect of teenage pregnancy. Son may become a criminal and go to jail – an indicator for these boys is three times higher than normal. Daughter may follow her mother and become a victim of teenage pregnancy. Teen pregnancy affects all aspects of teenage life, the relationships with friends and peers, with parents, the self-esteem and attitude of young people. Teen pregnancy changes the life of young girls so such issues should be thought out thoroughly.