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Monster Energy Drink Essay

It is known that today the issue concerning the role of alcohol in the life of an individual is one of the key issues in our society because alcohol abuse results in harm to individuals’ health and makes life a burden. Energy drinks as well as alcohol injure human health. However, when we mix alcohol with energy drinks, the effect can be extremely dangerous. It is difficult to imagine an individual who knows all the negative effects of mixing alcohol with energy drinks. Mixing them leads to serious heart problems, degradation of nervous system and intoxication of the body as the result of dehydration.

It is found that energy drinks that are mixed with alcohol create a rather dangerous combination which is very popular with young people aged 16-20 years. According to the numerous researches conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, all energy drinks contain caffeine, which can be found in high amounts, or some other extremely powerful stimulants, including evodamine and yohimbine. The last ones are considered to be the most dangerous substances than caffeine. That is why it is proved that energy drinks mixed with some amount of alcohol pose really significant risks to the health of those young people who prefer such extraordinary drinks. (Hendrick)

It is found that the combination of alcohol with energy drinks can lead to serious heart problems, including heart failure and heart arrest. If an individual drinks alcohol combined with energy drinks rather regularly, for example every day, he or she may experience either rapid or irregular heart beating and high blood pressure. It is known that most energy drinks contain not only high levels of caffeine, but also powerful herbal stimulants which can cause problems with heart beating. According to the medical data, most of them are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. (The Danger of Mixing Alcohol with Energy Drinks)

In addition, these powerful stimulants which can be found in the composition of the most energy drinks cause psychological effects to human body. The drinkers become not only stressed, they can even lose control over their emotions. All these facts influence the work of heart. Today, it is not difficult to call the long-term effects of mixing alcohol with stimulators and depressants. This combination may lead to serious psychological disorders. (Leon)

The mixture of alcohol with energy drinks can lead to serious problems with nervous system. It is found that any energy drink can provide a deceptive boost in awareness of an individual who combines energy drinks with alcohol. Besides, there is a risk of total intoxication. Of course, nervous system suffers from this combination. The impaired decision making is one of the negative effects. While the alcohol alone can have a negative effect on the drinker’s reasoning and decision making, the mixture of energy drinks with alcohol can lead to stresses and inadequate behavior including violent actions, assaults, rape and so on. The above mentioned actions are considered to be illegal and those who perform them will be punished. (Moisse)

Moreover, many specialists state that both alcohol and energy drinks have a tendency to cause serious dehydration of the human body. When these drinks are mixed together, the effects can be more severe. The process of dehydration occurs faster when alcohol is mixed with energy drinks, and the results can be potentially dangerous. In addition, it is necessary to say that when the energy drinks reduce the perceived feeling of the alcohol intake for a short period of time, it may be worn off in several hours. This process produces hang-overs that are extremely powerful the next day, as dehydration plays an important role in the effects of any hang-over. One of the experts who studies the effects of alcohol states that “both caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, they cause the body to pass water, so mixing energy drinks with alcohol can leave drinkers badly dehydrated, possibly leading to vomiting, nausea, and other health problems in the long term”. (Diaz)

It could be argued that mixing alcohol and energy drinks leads to many negative effects because these drinks, if you take them is small portions, can provide a brief energy boost to the human body and to help a person to stay awake and alert when he is tired. They provide a so called short-term improvement in performance. (Thelin)

But despite these contradictions, mixing alcohol and energy drinks is destructive to health. The present survey has been conducted in October, 2007 in the USA. About 150 young people took part in the survey. The main purpose of the survey is to prove the fact that mixing alcohol with energy drinks can lead to negative effects including problems with nervous system, heart disorders and dehydration. Several survey takers asked questions concerning the effects of this combination of beverages. All the questions included in the survey were connected with the participants’ experience in mixing alcohol with energy drinks. The survey analysis showed the following results: about 80% of young people who took part in the survey confirmed that mix beverages including alcohol and energy drinks could cause negative effects. 45% of participants expressed their opinion concerning alcohol abuse in our society. They stated that alcohol abuse damages our lives and health. About 37% of young people proved the fact that they often use the services of healthcare providers in case of intoxication. 92% of participants agreed that it is necessary to inform all drinkers of the negative effects of mixing energy drinks with alcohol. (Leon)

In conclusion, it is necessary to say that the issue concerning negative effects of mixed beverages, such as energy drinks with alcohol is one of the most important issues in our society because thousands of young people can injure their health. That is why it should be discussed in all educational institutions of the United States in order to explain young people the risks they are exposed to in case of drinking such combination of beverages. They should know that mixing alcohol with energy drinks can lead not only to serious psychological problems and heart disorders but also to degradation of nervous system and dehydration of the body.
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