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The Development of Agriculture

Discuss the changes in culture related to the development of agriculture. Provide specific examples.

It is known that agriculture plays an important role in the economic development of the country. Certain changes which take place in culture can influence further development of agriculture to a great extent. Changes in culture are closely connected with changes in society where one can find new ideas and new dynamic processes. They lead to different innovations and inventions. The processes which lead to culture change include diffusion, acculturation, and transculturation. All of them influence the development of agriculture. (O’Neil, 2006, para.2)

In the past centuries, due to numerous technological innovations, the agricultural productivity increased and influenced the economic situation of developing countries. This period in the history of western civilization is known as agricultural revolution. Different technical improvements, invention of new agricultural machinery, better drainage systems, implementation of new scientific methods of breeding and effective systems of crop rotation provided serious changes in agriculture. For example, in 20-th century, the invention of synthetic nitrogen and pesticides made it possible to increase crop yields what influenced the economy of developed countries. Today, these methods are used in many developing countries

Moreover, today special attention is paid to genetic engineering which allows the farmers to create new crops with better characteristics. One of the latest innovations in agriculture is connected with bio-technology. It is known that scientists developed a new technology- hydroponics which allows the farmers to grow plants using mineral nutrient solutions instead of soil. Another new technology is used in urban agriculture – vertical farming. It makes it possible to grow plants in the skyscrapers. (Mazoyer, 2006, p.271)

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