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Benefits of Team Sports Essay

Nowadays there is a wide range of sports to choose. There are many kinds of sports that are available for children to attend. Parents have to take into consideration the importance that sport has and the opportunities it gives. Parents definitely have to involve their children in sports, especially team sports. It has been proven by many experts and professionals that team sports develop different qualities in children and help them to adapt in the society. This is a considerable advantage and has to be taken into consideration by parents and teachers.

Today, any health organization and each doctor will recommend a child to get involved in some kind of sports that he is interested in. There are safe and dangerous sports that parents have to distinguish and to recommend to their children. In the era of multiculturalism sport has become an area of a great choice, when a person in any country can experience the culture of any other country with the help of sport.

In the modern society sport has become an indispensable component in people’s lives, as it offers many perspectives and gives many advantages to people. Children that do sports are several times healthier than their friends who do not do any sports. Those parents who take care of their children, always offer them doing different kinds of sports, to be able in the future to choose something peculiar for a child that will realize his potential, according to Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., Carol Shookhoff, Ph.D (2010).

Sport is very essential for children and has obvious benefits. It can be seen especially these days, when children spend more and more time in front of the computer and become lazier. Making sport almost obligatory will help to improve the situation and to make the entire nation healthier. There are a great percentage of children who have obesity in the young age and who already need specific treatment. That is why it is important to ensure that children are involved in sports, that they have their interests, that they are active and healthy.

Doing sports is easy and each person has to find time for it. Children, of course, have a very busy life nowadays, but despite that they manage to stay online hours a day and to become fatter and less healthy. Mind and body of children have to be healthy and that is why it is important to ensure the direction for them to move forward and to succeed.

Considering the article, “co-founder and medical director of The Sports Medicine Institute for Young Athletes and one of America’s premier pediatric sports physicians Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., explains: how to keep your child athlete healthy in mind and body, deal with the coach and other parents and help your child handle team pressure, to recognize and prevent injuries such as fractures, ligament tears, and repetitive stress injuries, and to recognize when your child is doing “too much””. These advices will be helpful for the parents and will help them to decide considering the choice of the sports for their children.

According to The benefits of team sports (2011), the benefits of the team sports are: social, physical and psychological. Pediatrics also recommends team sports for the children. Social skills of children become stronger, they start to cooperate with their teammates, they try to understand people and communicate with them. Sport educates children and teaches them to show their appreciation and respect. Is should be understood that the success is not the goal in sport, as the participation and the whole process means much more. Coping with the competition in a healthy way is also essential for children. As well, there are benefits of critical thinking, developing patience, solving problems, self-discipline and persistence. And moreover, children, with the help of sports can learn how to cope with disappointment. As well, considering the research, the girls who participate in team sports are less likely to have teenage pregnancies.

According to What are the benefits of team sports for kids? (2010), “the Centers for Disease Control indicates childhood obesity tripled between 1980 and 2010.” The cuts in education also influenced the physical education of children. As well, “The American Academy of Pediatrics notes that children who participate in regular physical activity have reduced risks of “many adult health problems, including diabetes, obesity, and heart disease”, according to What are the benefits of team sports for kids? (2010).

All in all, it can be said that there are many benefits of team sports for children nowadays. It has been proven by many experts and professionals that team sports develop different qualities in children and help them to adapt in the society. Communication is one of the factors that is extremely useful in life and indispensable in many life situations.

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