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Overweight People Traveling Using Airplanes

The article tells about the problem of overweight people traveling using airplanes. The author claims that big people suffer from discrimination in airplanes as some airplane companies want them to pay for two seats (Smythe, 2009). Large people don’t want to be disliked by other passengers or to pay double price, but at the same time the author mentions that none would be happy to sit next to such people. The statement demonstrated the main idea clearly. The topic is well covered, even though the text is much shortened.

The chosen topic for the assignment is very disputable and topical nowadays. The author has made the right choice, writing about overweight people and their problems as this issue is really burning nowadays. The topic is not easy as there are too many openings on it and no vivid solution yet, that is why the author could have challenges depicting all information in the article. The structure of the article is logical, as the statement is supported by many examples (The Obese Should Have to Pay More For Airline Tickets, 2011). The author provides statistic data about energy saving in case if all overweight people loose weight (Landau, 2009).

The mechanics of the paper doesn’t need any improvement. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct. The text mostly consists of short and simple sentences, which makes understanding of it easier. Topic sentence is supported by details, but as the paper is shortened, it lacks details and explanations of main thoughts. Transitions in both sentences and paragraphs are logical and help following the main idea. The paper starts with introduction that explains the problem and ends with conclusion, that makes people think about their behavior and attitude to other individuals. The documentation format of the paper is appropriate. Summarizing everything that was written above, it is seen that the paper is written according to writing rules; it includes introduction, main part and conclusion; the main statement is clear and is supported by examples and details; the topic of the paper is topical which makes reading interesting.


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