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Texas Politics

Texas politics was characterized by the domination of the Republican Party. This trend dates back to the dawn of Texas politics and appearance of the Republican Party in the state. At the same time, the Republican Party did not lose control over the state in the course of time. In stark contrast, the Republican Party enhanced its position in Texas and, today, the state is often viewed as the milestone of the Republican Party. On the other hand, the long-lasting domination of the Republican Party in Texas influenced not only the state politics but also culture and socioeconomic development for the state is extremely conservative and sticks to traditional American values rejecting any attempts to introduce changes in the traditional lifestyle of Americans.

In fact, Texas is renowned for its one party rule. Historically, Texas was the state, where the Republic Party ruled. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that the domination of the Republic Party is the result of historical, cultural and socioeconomic traditions of Texas and the state politics. In such a way, the state politics was closely intertwined with its historical development. What is meant here is the fact that the development of Texas was accompanied by the confrontation at first with Mexico and later with the North and Democrats. In such a situation, the Republican Party became the symbol of patriotism and protection of traditional American values for the population of Texas that granted the Republican Party with the extensive support from the part of the local population.

In fact, the population of Texas is highly conservative, whereas Texas is viewed as one of the founding states of the US. In this regard, the history of Texas is particularly important because it contributed to the formation of conservative values in Texas. As it has been already mentioned above, the state had to defend its independence throughout its history that contributed to the rise of specific values, which Republicans exploited successfully and they keep exploiting these values today (Hendrickson 159). Nevertheless, the population of Texas supports readily traditional American values and values promoted by the Republican Party (Cunningham, 195). At the same time, they view the Republican Party as their party and the majority of the population living in Texas supports Republicans mainly.

On analyzing reasons of such popularity of the Republican Party in Texas, it is necessary to pay attention to the historic past of the state. The state had the experience of struggle for independence and incorporated traditional American values, which the Republican Party stands for and rejects any innovations and changes offered by Democrats, who stand on a more liberal ground than Republicans. The conservatism of the Republican Party in Texas is grounded on values supported by the local population. This is why the Republican Party is so popular in Texas.

The experience of the bloody struggle of Texas for its independence and its annexation to the US contributed to the emphasis of Texas politicians on the heroic past of Texas that put the Republic Party into an advantageous position. The population of Texas believed that the Republican Party could stand for their traditional values and would help to preserve traditional values and lifestyle of Texas as well as grant the state with a larger autonomy compared to policies promoted by the Democratic Party.

Texas was the state, where the last battle of the Civil War occurred. Therefore, Texas was the last state, where conservatives headed ruled and struggled for their ideals. Republicans protected similar ideals and attempted to promote traditional Texan and Southern values in the state that allowed Republicans to gain support of the local population. Hence, the protection of traditional Southern values was another important factor that allowed the Republican Party to enhance its position in Texas.

Today, the Republican Party still holds a strong position in the state. Republicans still dominate in Texas and have a huge impact on the state political, social and economic life (Green, 184). At this point, it is important to understand that the domination of the Republican Party in Texas influenced consistently not only its political but also socioeconomic and cultural development of the state. To put it more precisely, today, Texans view the rule of the Republican Party as a norm. Their tradition to vote for Republicans is so strong that being a good Republican is the best recommendation for a politician in Texas.

Thus, the rule of the Republican Party in Texas was determined by historical factors. At the same time, the domination of the Republican Party in Texas influenced consistently the contemporary development of the state, its values, politics, and socioeconomic development.


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