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Teach to Learn: The Best Advice I Ever Followed

Through the entire life we constantly go through new experiences and learn to do something new. Ability to learn is one of the most miraculous gifts a human being has received, but at the same time we often fail to be serious in learning something, we do not persist in getting new information or training some skills. To overcome idleness, we need some strong stimulus, and it appears that the strongest stimulus is to give that piece of knowledge to someone else.

You never know when you will receive a life-time advice that will change your life. Although it is not so typical for a girl, sіnce early childhood I dreamed about guitar, watched numerous videos of various virtuosos and attended guitar concerts, admired new instruments in the windows of music shops and dreamed to become a rock star. While studying at high school, I began to work in a bookshop and thus I managed to collect enough money to fulfill my own dream. Finally I went to the music shop and bought my first Spanish guitar with six strings. It was truly awesome, and I was sure it to be the best day of my life. Further, my task was to find a teacher. In fact, I didn’t know anyone to lead me, therefore I just took an advertiser and searched there. I dialed the first number that came into my eyes and soon found myself in a small, but cozy flat of my new teacher. The next 365 days were like in a fairy-tale, without a drop of exaggeration. Each lesson was frankly like a fresh breath of air. Unfortunately, miracles don’t last forever and in a year my teacher decided to turn me out. “My program is over,” he said, though I knew for certain it was not everything he knew. “Further you should go on yourself. It is your way, not mine,” he explained, gave me a touching hand-made diploma and, when I was already on the threshold to leave forever, he added: “Remember, the best way to learn something is to teach it to someone else.”

Still, it is not enough to get advice; the time must come for you to follow it. At that moment I didn’t pay much attention to that last advice, since I was, on the one hand, extremely upset to part with my teacher and, on the other hand, I was still full of enthusiasm. However, my reserve of self-discipline ran out too soon. I found myself playing the instrument more and more seldom, it was gradually covering with dust and melodies and parties were blowing away from my head. The years passed unnoticed, and I realized that I had betrayed my own dream. I wanted to come back to the world of sounds and riffs, but didn’t know how to find a key. Then I did receive a chance. I was lucky as one day my colleague proposed me to become a guitar teacher to her son. First I tried to refuse, as I felt I remembered nothing, but then I recollected the advice of my teacher and realized how strong this new stimulus could be. I dug up my old music books and notes, watched some videos in the Web and came to my potential student. Very soon I began to get extreme pleasure from it, I looked for extra information, watched video courses to share something beneficial with my student and I didn’t even notice how we began to play simultaneously. I tried my best to learn because I couldn’t disgrace myself in front of my disciple.

Shortly, now we have our own band, we play in the club, have fans and our first single will come before long. In this way the advice given once by teacher absolutely changed my future and contributed to our common success.