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Restaurant Business Essay

Answering the first question it should be noted that Andy’s success in the restaurant business accounts for his desire to put the quality and atmosphere of the restaurant on the first place. Also, Andy does not chasing quick profit – much more important for him is reputation of the restaurant and clients’ loyalty to his place. Andy’s relation to the customers can be seen from the following quote: “People come here because they know they will get great food. They also want to support someone with whom they can connect. This is my approach. Nothing more, nothing less”. Moreover, Andy is an experienced restaurateur, who owns his business for twenty five years and that is why he realizes that qualified management is essential for restaurant’s success.

It should be mentioned that each of Andy’s managers has its own strengths and weaknesses. Let’s begin with Kelly. Kelly is a good manager, because she is honest and dependable. Also, she effectively covers such important areas as ordering and preparation. However, her main weakness is difficulty getting along with the sales people. As a result, she can be inefficient in the areas of delivery and the wait staff. I presume that Kelly needs to learn competent communication. In particular, she can attend to different communication courses, which learn how effectively defend your position and find a compromise with other people. In turn, Danielle works out front in the restaurant and is important part of the restaurant’s management. Her strengths are putting customer and his needs to the first place and hospitality. However, she is lousy with numbers and this does not allow her to become balanced and effective manager. In my opinion, Danielle needs to learn how to work with numbers, for example attend to accounting courses, which will greatly help her in this matter. In addition, she can ask Andy to work with her on this aspect. It should be noted that Patrick is a universal manager, who works out front but can work in the kitchen as well. As a fact, Patrick is strong with numbers and has great work ethic. However, Patrick is weak in communication with people. It can be seen from the following quote: “Patrick treats customers as if they are faceless, coming across as very unemotional”. I think that to become efficient and competent manager Patrick should realize that customers like personalized and exceptional, unique attitude. I believe that with his strengths Patrick can be effective manager in a back office, but if he would like to become a leader, he should learn to work in a front office, which involves working with people. Moreover, in restaurant business such skills are essential.

I presume that Andy is a competent business owner if he stays in business for twenty five years. Andy works for twelve hours a day, which confirms that he controls his business well. Andy tries to relate to his managers as teacher and coach. Consequently, he attempts to improve his managers’ skills and teach them every aspect of restaurant business. I think Andy clearly realizes that work in his restaurant is another step in his managers’ career and to keep them as long as possible, he should teach them every aspect of restaurant business. In my opinion, Andy looking for managers that are strong in several competencies for certain positions, but weak in other. I believe that this helps him to keep overall control in his hands and he does not need all three skills in one universal and effective manager.