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Statistics of Washington County Sherrifs

I feel that the department has rather high crime rate for the city, but I think that it depends not only on the work of the department. I also think that the current Law Enforcement Center tries to respond to the crimes in the city and makes certain improvements. I think that communication and investigation can be improved. As for the service, I think that it is very good. I can see that the whole department is working, but certainly needs improvements and innovative approaches.

According to Washington County (2011), “the Sheriff’s Office also operates several remote “substations” around the county for use by patrol deputies and investigators to complete reports in the community without having to drive back to the Law Enforcement Center in Stillwater. Substation offices are not generally staffed on a regular basis and are not publicly accessible.”

According to Washington County, Minnesota (MN) (2010), crime in 2005 (reported by the sheriff’s office or county police, not the county total):

  • Murders: 0
  • Rapes: 14
  • Robberies: 3
  • Assaults: 43
  • Burglaries: 242
  • Thefts: 896
  • Auto thefts: 94

Crime in 2004 (reported by the sheriff’s office or county police, not the county total):

  • Murders: 0
  • Rapes: 9
  • Robberies: 6
  • Assaults: 44
  • Burglaries: 224
  • Thefts: 1110
  • Auto thefts: 73

There are different steps that are being taken to reduce crime in that city. It is important to ensure that people know their rights can trust the county. Actions of the county have to be beneficial for people. For the Washington County, it is essential to look for the new approaches and to help people. With the transparent information and new ways of dealing with crimes will guarantee success for the county.



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