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Spread Christianity

How did Christianity spread in the new Latin Christendom? What tools were used by rulers and church officials to spread Christianity?

It is known that the spread of Christianity in new Latin Christendom began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Some Christian groups were organized in order to promote Christian faith. People gathered in the monasteries where they could study the word of God and pray. Many religious men devoted their lives to prayers and became monks. One of the most influential monks was Benedict of Nursia. In 529, he founded a monastery where he established rather strict rules which some time later became the standard for monasteries across Europe. Besides, there were many nuns who lived in convents where they studied religious texts and prayed, took care of those sick people who came to convents to find a shelter. Many priests and monks travelled as missionaries in spread Christianity to everybody they met. Many missionaries brought not only the message of hope, but also the message of fear. It is known that the Church taught that all people were weak and sinful and they needed salvation. Any sin meant the violation of God’s word. Besides, they opposed the Devil and an evil spirit to God and saints. The key concepts were Heaven and Hell. In order to reach heaven, the Christians should have their faith in Christ and follow God’s laws and Christ’s teachings. They should observe the sacraments and adhere to the sacred rights of the Church. It was taught that all sinners would suffer and go to hell. The rulers and Church officials used the word of God to spread Christianity. It is known that Church became the source of authority for thousands of people in Latin Christendom. (Marty, 2007, p.328)

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