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Specific Examples of Biotechnology Application

What specific biotechnology application did you choose?

Briefly describe this biotechnology application. How is it done? Based upon the definition of biotechnology in the assignment, describe how your biotechnology application is an example of biotechnology. What benefits are derived from this application? Are there any concerns or negative impacts associated with this use of biotechnology? Why or why not?

I’d like to tell about DNA fingerprinting as a specific example of biotechnology application. It is also called DNA profiling/testing. This method helps to identify an individual. This technology was invented by Alec Jeffreys in 1985. Nowadays this method is used to identify paternity and maternity as well as it helps to identify criminals and their victims. DNA fingerprinting uses microsatellites which are short pieces of DNA. They can be repeated a number of times in a certain DNA of a person. They are highly variable. It is easy to identify a person comparing a large number of microsatellites. The process of fingerprinting uses enzymes in order to cut some specific sequences of DNA. (DNA Fingerprinting)

DNA can tell a lot about an individual including sex, physical characteristics and some heredity diseases. As DNA is inherited from parents, it can be used for identification of parents and children. DNA testing plays an important role in criminology where it is possible to identify a criminal by means of blood, skin, hair found at the scene of the crime. The above mentioned benefits of DNA fingerprinting prove the fact that this technology is widely used today. It is impossible to find two people with the same fingerprint.

It is difficult to say that this type of biotechnology has any negative impacts on the society. The main disadvantage of this technology is that it has a certain risk of making a mistake. It this case the criminal can avoid punishment. The other thing is the cost of this procedure is rather high and not all the institutions can afford to have the experts who will make the DNA analysis at any time. (Lichtenstein, 2010, para.4)


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