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Socialization is the process of learning two kinds of skills; I mean interpersonal and interactional skills. These skills should be in conformity with the values of person’s society and this process begins after birth and during the whole life people take part in socialization. Little child learn from the birth own place in society and how to contact with people who are around. Socialization is not always a conscious process and has visible character. Sometimes people even can’t imagine that their behavior, thoughts and language are influenced by somebody in social situation. There are many factors that influence directly or indirectly on this process and we will discuss one of them in this paper.

I’d like to take political parties as a factor of my socialization. I believe that they influenced how I think and feel politically. In my opinion political parties form society’s opinion by their actions and people change their behavior and thoughts under their influence. I believe in the power of governmental parties and consulting with a person from a different generation we found that our thoughts about this factor are similar. I asked my mother’s friend and he is 45 years old. This person has a big political experience because he was a member of one political party several years ago, that’s why I really believe in rightness of his opinion. It shows me that the political socialization is the process of development, during which children and teenagers perceive ideas, political position and standards of behavior, typical for this community. In other words, political socialization is taken to mastering of political values and norms, necessary for adaptation in the well-established political system and implementations of different types of political activity. Political socialization is one of directions of general process of socialization nowadays.

As a conclusion it is necessary to say that socialization is not only enables us to communicate with each other by means of the mastered social roles. It is also provides the maintenance of society. We know that the amount of its members changes constantly, because people are born and die, in spite of this socialization is an instrument in the maintenance of society, cultivating new accepted ideals, values and standards to citizens.