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Short Essay in the Expository Style

Music is the universal art form, inherent in the culture of any nation. It is closely connected with other creative forms of human behavior, such as dancing and singing. In such a way it becomes obvious that music has a special, not the last place in modern society. Even the ancient philosophers described the positive therapeutic effects of music on people. Thus, I am going to tell how music influences on me and other people.

First of all it is necessary to mention that music is a soundtrack to my life, diary and photo album at the same time. Like a smell, it can cause a certain mood. If to be honest, during the “hormonal boom” I was attracted to the drama of the text, and fatal passages seemed very powerful for me, but now my preferences have greatly changed. For example, now I like Jazz and its modern variations, lounge music, ethnic mixes, because the melody and rhythm are the center of their compositions. Thinking about drama and fatal plot in musical works I want to mention that our real life is full of them and there is no necessity to add them in it again.

Firstly, thinking about the way how music influence on me, I want to say that the word ‘music’ to me is synonymous to the word ‘life’. I like this life and try sonorously to live each day. I know for exact that some melodies make me happy and help to overcome difficulties, and some musical compositions I like to listen when I have a sad mood and want to stay alone and think about eternal things, so music for meditation, for example, helps me to relax and be calm in such situations.

Secondly, describing the way how music influences on others, I noticed that in the process of historical development of society music perception, which is one of the main components of musical culture, could not remain unchanged. A variety of different effects of music on the human body has been known since ancient times. I know that in ancient times there were distinguished 3 areas of music impact on the human organism: influence on the spiritual essence of the person, music intellectual influence on human mind and music influence on the physical body. It is believed that music can enhance the joy, assuage sadness and pain, and even drive the disease off human body. So, it becomes obvious that music have therapeutic effect on human health and mind. For example, my mother listen to classic music when she looks for inspiration and want to find right decision in a hard situation, but father vice versa, listen to classic music when he needs to rest and relax from daily problems. Every kind of music can influence on people in different way, but it is necessary to agree that some musical compositions were created with special aim and reflects the state of mind and soul of their creators. So, music is the most powerful source of energy that affects humans.

Thus, summarizing information how music influences on me and other people I found that the magical power of sounds can cause a person to despair, to make laugh or, conversely, to calm. It is possible to say that there is no one certain effect of music on all people, because all people are different, but in many cases similar kinds of music have similar effects on a big group of people. And in conclusion, I cannot imagine our life without sounds and music, because they make it better and happier.