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Serial Killers: Gacy and Bundy

John W. Gacy and Ted Bundy are notorious serial killers, who murdered many people. However, they did not seem to have serious mental health problems in their childhood. As they grew up, they seemed to be ordinary individuals, although they probably had some problems in socialization and communication with other people but these problems were not too significant. Nevertheless, they became serial killers and sociopaths, whose behavior was socially dangerous.

On analyzing the personal development and behavior of both serial killers, it is worth mentioning the fact that they grew up in normal families and they got their education. In fact, they were not outcasts and their behavior did not seem to be abnormal for their social environment.

However, both of them had considerable problems with self-control. To put it more precisely, both serial killers argue that they were conscious of the fact that their deeds were wrong. Moreover, they even argued that they did not want to kill their victims. However, they kept murdering people, while the police proved to be unable to stop serial murders. At this point, it is worth mentioning the fact that police often ignored facts that indicated to both killers. For instance, Gacy was reportedly suspected in cases associated with disappearance of people but he managed to pass through the accusations and stayed free. Bundy managed to escape after his arrest and to commit new crimes.

Thus, both Gacy and Buny were sociopath and extremely dangerous. However, their crimes could be prevented if the police were more effectively and could arrest and isolate them in time. In addition, they apparently needed the assistance from the part of mental health professionals and their family members but they got none.