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Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III

Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III was born May 1st , 1930 – died September 12th, 1951.

He was a Marine of the United States earned a Medal of Honor in Korea of him heroism. September 12, 1951, at Songnap-yong, he was killed on hostile positions. He was the 20th Marines to get Medal of Honor for heroism during the Korean conflict.

Frederick William Mausert III was born in Cambridge, New York. He went toelementary school in Brooklyn, New York, butattended high school in Monson, Massachusetts,where he played baseball, track and basketball. He lived in Dresher, Pennsylvania, before hisenlistment in the Marine Corps on June 21, 1948.

Office of the Marine Corps was held in South Carolina, North Carolina, but as he participated in campaigns in southern and central Korea. In addition to the Medal of Honor, awarded Sgt Mausert Purple Heart Medal with gold star as wellas the Korean Service Medal with one bronze star,and the United Nations service medal. President of the United States on behalf of Congressional proud Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III Medal of Honor posthumously for service. He was brave and knew how to risk their lives while serving as squad leader was the first battalion of Marines, the first Marine Division in combat with the enemy aggressor forces in Korea on September 12, 1951. Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III boldly left his position whenenemy fire gained momentum and, making atarget of himself, boldly advanced only in the face of machine gun fire from his people and give themthe opportunity to move into position for attack. Again, seriously wounded when enemy fire found him mark, he still refused aid.

Jumping on the wall of fire, he destroyed anothermachine gun with grenades before he was fatallywounded bursting grenades and machine gun fire.Resolute and indomitable, Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III, itsdurability, great personal courage and heroism inextreme conditions almost certain death, inspiredhis men to sweep on, overrun and finally to solvethe problem. His tenacious courage throughoutreflects the highest credit on himself and the Naval service of the USA.He gallantly gave his life for his country.

Just opened in 2006, the National Museum of the Marine Corps – is the new Museum of HistoryUnited StatesMarines. Located inside Quantico,Virginia. This museum is filled with heroism, bravery,honor.The walls of the museum will keep the history of the Marine Corps for generations of Americans toalways keep and remember in the heart.And in this museum are preserved photos of Sergeant Frederick William Mausert III.


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