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A New Perspective Essay

I have an interesting topic for this paper because this topic will help me to understand my own way of thinking and it will also look at personal interactions with objects, images and spaces. We will define the notion of creativity in this work and its level can be so powerful as to change the way one thinks about particular issues or topics. I want also to write on how the darkness of caves helped me as an artist come to greatly respect my sight.

We know that there are many opinions about one object and it is not easy to see things from a new perspective, because many people have determined stereotypes of thinking that close new ways of reality perception for them. For a long time I was looking for creativity in my specific area and when we think about the meaning of this word, first of all, we define it as something “new”, “unique”, “different”, and “better”. In my opinion this word is closely connected with the main topic of this paper, because exactly creativity is the act of seeing things that we can find around us, which everyone also can observe around us, and making connections that no one else has made. It is a way to the new world perception when you believe in your own feelings and you don’t even look around but feel all things that are around you. Creative activity is an attempt to discover hidden likeness in the surrounding ordinary things. If to be honest, I tried to awake my creativity in different ways and now I want to tell you how the darkness of caves helped me as an artist come to greatly respect my sight. I want to say that every person has internal sight and sometimes you need one detail to find it or even it is enough to hear one word and you find an inspiration but some people need ages of long searches and no results at the end.

I want to demonstrate in this paragraph that darkness of the caves helped me to find my internal sight.

It was not an easy way but it helped me to feel the world around me and turn on my imagination. It can be described like an experiment of my personal interaction with an object, image and space that affected my way of thinking. When you are in darkness you should be attentive and it helps you to talk with your internal nature with the artist who lives inside you. I think that this experiment is important part of my life that will open new stages of personal development for me. I will prepare my new way of thinking for the future implementations in my works and I want to work under my skills and to study more and more techniques in chosen area.

As a conclusion I want to say that art as phenomenon so much occupied me that every moment I look for new perspectives and I do it with great pleasure. It turned out that art include in itself the enormous number of interesting possibilities and every person can realize own way of life perception in art. I like my experiment with the darkness of caves because it is the stage aimed at imagination, on the search of possibilities in the future. I want to add that with this appearance of thought there are no limitations, terms and estimations; it is a free way new perspective perception that allows creating something interesting and new.